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PaaSage to the Clouds - An €8,4m investment for bridging clouds

London, UK – 13 November 2012 – Together with 13 European partners, Flexiant has launched a major research initiative called PaaSage in order to develop an open and integrated platform to support model based lifecycle management of Cloud applications.  PaaSage is coordinated by ERCIM, the European Research Consortium in Informatics and Mathematics.

As of today, Cloud solutions are still insufficient and in particular require a high level of expertise on the part of the developer and the provider to properly exploit the capabilities offered by Cloud technologies. Cloud infrastructures are not standardized and porting an existing application to a Cloud platform is still a very challenging task, leading to a strong interdependence between the client application and the Cloud platform.  Developing once and deploying on many Clouds is not a viable proposition as things stand.

This is the challenge that the PaaSage consortium will address.

PaaSage will deliver an open and integrated platform to support both design and deployment of Cloud applications, together with an accompanying methodology that allows model-based development, configuration, optimisation, and deployment of existing and new applications independently of the existing underlying Cloud infrastructures. 

“PaaSage will provide the relevant means to significantly improve programmability, usability and performance of Clouds beyond current state of the art approaches”, says Keith G Jeffery, scientific coordinator of the project.

“We have to admit that European industry is lagging behind in business creation and development on basis of Cloud computing technologies”, adds Pierre Guisset, project coordinator, “Our objective with PaaSage is to develop the tools that will enable European small and large businesses to take a leading position in exploiting Clouds”.

Keith Jeffery added: “Typically a business will be developing its in-house server cluster to an in-house Cloud to obtain benefits of elasticity and eco-friendliness.  However, when elasticity needs to extend beyond the in-house environment to a public cloud there are interoperability problems and provider proprietary solution constraints.  These will be overcome by PaaSage”.

Ger Burns, SVP of service delivery at Flexiant said, “To ensure success, PaaSage requires significant platform resources to provide a high level of performance coupled with expertise in supporting a commercial platform. Flexiant is supporting the PaaSage initiative by supplying the test platform in the Cloud that enables the project to test use cases and demonstrate these with the agility, freedom and flexibility to scale, deploy and configure resources triggered by indicators from the Flexiant platform. Our support for this project facilitates the necessary testing environment essential to an open and integrated platform that supports both design and deployment of Cloud applications.”

About PaaSage
PaaSage is a collaborative research project co-funded under the ICT theme of the 7th framework programme (FP7) of the European Union.  The total investment amounts €8.4m of which €6.3m is funded by the European Union.

In particular, PaaSage addresses the findings highlighted by the Commission’s Cloud Computing Expert Working Group (see

ERCIM - the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics - aims to foster collaborative initiatives within the European research community and to increase co-operation with European industry. Leading European research institutes are members of ERCIM.  ERCIM is based in Sophia Antipolis, France.

About Flexiant
Flexiant is a leading international provider of cloud orchestration software for on-demand, fully automated provisioning of cloud services. Flexiant’s software gives cloud service providers business agility, freedom and flexibility to scale, deploy and configure cloud services, simply and cost-effectively. Vendor agnostic and supporting multiple hypervisors, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is a software suite that is service provider ready, enabling cloud service provisioning through to granular metering, billing and reseller management. Used by over one hundred organisations worldwide, from small hosters to large Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Enterprises, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is simple to understand, simple to deploy and simple to use. Flexiant customers include NetGroup, FP7 Consortium, ITEX, TransEnt, Fast2host and Boston Group. Visit

For more information

Pierre Guisset 
+32 4 9686 9019

Tom Williamson 
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Keith G Jeffery 
+44 1235 44 6103

Danielle Cook 
+44 1189 071841 
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