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Presagis’ new modelling, simulation and visualisation software suite expedites development and reduces integration expense

The most complete simulation software suite on the market enables customers to concentrate on core business rather than technology upkeep

MONTREAL, CANADA AND LONDON, UK – 17TH SEPTEMBER, 2013 – Presagis releases its new modelling and simulation (M&S) software portfolio, M&S Suite 13. The latest version of this end-to-end solution includes hundreds of product enhancements designed to expedite application development for training, operations and simulation analysis. Presagis’ new M&S suite saves users time and money by seamlessly uniting 3D modelling, terrain generation, simulation and visualisation software into one tightly integrated package.

Presagis serves market leaders in aerospace and defence, public safety and security, critical infrastructure, transportation, and academia.

Typically 60 percent to 80 percent of project budgets are spent on integrating disparate home-grown and third-party solutions. With its unique features, M&S Suite 13 enables users to create simulation content and scenarios faster while achieving greater realism and better performance – all within a development environment that is easier to use and more tightly integrated. Its toolset provides an open, scalable, and reusable M&S environment. Additionally, new licensing options offer customers the commercial flexibility they need.

“Our customers are increasingly looking for ways to lower the costs associated with developing their simulation applications and consolidate the number of tools they use in order to focus efforts solely on their core businesses,” said Stéphane Blondin, vice president, product management and marketing at Presagis. “M&S Suite 13 was developed based on input gathered from client surveys, user groups and beta programmes, which streamlined development and produced superior simulation-based applications for training, operations and analysis.” 

Components of Presagis’ M&S Suite 13 include:

  • Creator – State of the art 3D modelling: The modernised user interface with fully customisable desktop expedites 3D model development by making it faster to build, modify, and validate models.

  • Terra Vista – Terrain generation simplified: A completely redesigned user interface simplifies the terrain generation process via a logical and step-by-step workflow. Terra Vista 13’s novel approach to database creation enables customers to build terrain databases faster than ever before.

  • STAGE – Faster scenario generation and more out-of-the-box platforms: Including more than fifty new civilian and military platforms and a new auto-population tool, STAGE provides a complete simulation development environment. STAGE 13 also features a new STAGE Lite version and a range of optional modules to meet a wider range of commercial project requirements.

  • Vega Prime – Visualisation sharpened: More realism than ever is made possible through enhanced rendering performance, more light points, depth pass and 3D clouds. In addition, Vega Prime 13 now natively supports the distributed interactive simulation (DIS) and high-level architecture (HLA) communication protocols, as well as the CIGI standard as part of the base product.

About Presagis
Presagis is a global provider of software for the development of modelling, simulation, visualisation, and embedded display applications. Focused on building intimate relationships with its customers, the company provides integrated and comprehensive end-to-end solutions based on open standards, with a unique combination of commercial software tools, and professional development and advisory services. Presagis makes the future safer by building software that helps its customers reduce development risk, improve time-to-market and lower costs in complex projects, in addition to developing DO-178 certifiable applications. With recognised expertise in the aerospace and defence markets, the company services more than 1,000 active customers worldwide, including many of the world's most respected organisations such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, BAE Systems and CAE. For more information, visit


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