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Press Release launches “ Team”: The new way for businesses to communicate online


The award winning UK start-up introduces new multi-user version for internal and external business communication

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London, 18 Sept 2012 – (, the online tool that gives users the ability to combine content and video, viewable on demand, is now available in a new multi-user version designed specifically for businesses. Team, which launches today, addresses the problem of business communication, where “live” solutions are not practical, and email is a poor substitute for “face to face”. Team allows companies and organisations to communicate and collaborate in a virtual way that mirrors reality. Co-workers can record in the cloud what they’d do in a room, which is meet face to face, show something to someone and explain it to them. An employee can upload a document, record the explanation through their webcam and share the result with colleagues. As employees create content, they can choose to post it privately, share with individuals, share it with the wider business, or even share it with the world.

KPMG Global Services have already begun using Sanjay Singh, MD of KGS said, " is going to revolutionise the way we communicate both internally and with our clients on a global basis". The product is also being used by a number of SMEs and entrepreneurs, assisting in internal communications as well as sales, HR and marketing.

The on-demand nature of is particularly relevant for business as Spencer Lambert, co-founder at states: “Everyone thinks of video conferencing when it comes to online remote communication, but that requires participants to be available at the same time. Busy diaries and time zones often make that either inconvenient or impossible. brings the best of both worlds; the intimacy of video conferencing with the convenience and on-demand nature of email and micro-blogging. We believe that is precisely why we have already seen both large and small businesses using to communicate across the world.”

Presentmes can be accessed via the web or via iOS and Android applications. Each employee has a profile, and businesses can share a secure central knowledge base where past presentmes are archived and easily searched.

Unlike traditional enterprise tools, which require installation by the company’s IT department, anyone in a company can start a network and invite colleagues. This means can scale naturally without any infrastructure or set-up concerns. The privacy of each network is ensured by limiting access to those with a valid company email address.

Viewing and consuming content is free; a fee is chargeable only for a licence to ‘create’ content. Team will cost $49 a month for 5 registered creator licences. Additional users are charged on a sliding scale.

Lambert concludes: “More and more, we consume content at a time that suits us. Making this content succinct, engaging and understood, if it isn’t presented live, is therefore crucial. Whether updating a team or client, knowledge sharing, or prepping for a pitch, is a unique way to improve how your organisation communicates and shares content.” 
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Think YouTube meets Slideshare. Whether it’s a conference presentation, pitching for business, updating your team, setting assignments for students or applying for a job, allows you to record and share your ideas, knowledge or messages online, simply and cost effectively. Just upload your content (slides, images, or document), record yourself using your webcam then publish and share, publicly or privately. 

The founders of have over 100 years of communications coaching and consulting experience between them, working with everyone from individuals to global blue chip companies. The platform was launched in beta during April 2011. Since that time 14,000 users have registered and 25,000 presentations have been uploaded. It is currently piloting in two large UK corporates and the service is trialling in a number of US schools & universities. was chosen as a winner from over 300 entrants from all over Europe in the inaugural Startup Games organised by UKTI & Startup Britain.

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