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Purple and Smarter WiFi stir up business for Wok&Go


Purple, the intelligent spaces company, Smarter WiFi and TP-Link have today announced their collaboration with Wok&Go, serving its thousands of diners across the UK with a seamless WiFi connection.

Wok&Go, the popular noodle bar franchise, sought the services of Purple and Smarter WiFi having realised that free connectivity was something that paying diners now expect. With no guest WiFi in place prior to Purple, Wok&Go required an efficient WiFi solution for customers that also captured detailed analytics about the individuals visiting and eating at their restaurants.

Purple and Smarter WiFi stir up business for Wok&Go
Purple and Smarter WiFi stir up business for Wok&Go

Following the refurb of a number of outlets throughout 2016, Wok&Go decided to introduce Purple’s solution to give diners free WiFi access and supply their marketing team with a key source of CRM data. It took just three days for Smarter WiFi to successfully deploy Purple’s cloud based solution across seventeen of their UK branches using TP-Link hardware.

Charli McCann, Marketing and PR Manager for Wok&Go, said: “During the initial demonstration by Smarter WiFi, we found Purple’s platform to be very easy to use. All customer data and analytics were presented in a really straightforward layout, which puts the marketing team at ease when using it.”

Since the installation in late September, Wok&Go has collected over 7,000 lines of active customer data, which allows the marketing team to personalize their campaigns, increase dwell time, reward loyalty and communicate with diners both in real time and post visit.

Purple’s platform has also allowed the firm to identify that the majority of their customers are aged between 16-30 years old, meaning they can now develop more marketing messages suited to this age range, promoting offers such as student discounts.

In just the first three months, the number of people accessing the WiFi in their restaurants has increased by 186% and the official Wok&Go Facebook page saw a 48% increase in followers compared to the same period the year before.

Charli adds: “Purple is what we specified that we needed from the outset, it offers great guest WiFi and provides us with meaningful insights, so it’s a real win-win.”

Taking into consideration the results already obtained by Wok&Go in terms of customer data and social interaction, the company could potentially make a 23:1 return on investment based on the estimated value placed on a qualified CRM record, social follower and a customer review.

Going forward, Wok&Go is set to ramp up its digital marketing activity. They plan to transform their existing loyalty scheme into a digital format that syncs with Purple and explore SMS marketing, similar to the likes of Dominos. The brand is also looking to increase its presence in the UK by opening up a new site every six weeks throughout 2017, with each site offering free guest WiFi.

Commenting on the contract with WOK&GO, Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple, said: “It’s fantastic to learn that Wok&Go has already achieved some great results that will positively impact the business. Not only have they connected diners, obtained a wealth of CRM data, and significantly grown their social following, but they have some interesting plans on the horizon that will be easily achievable by effectively utilising Purple’s solution. It will be exciting to see what Wok&Go achieve in 2017.”

About Purple:
Purple’s solution allows businesses to monitor their physical spaces and actively promote their brand, while providing valuable insights into customer behavior within venues.

With over 20 million users across 125 countries, Purple works with a range of brands and venues, including Legoland, Jaguar, United Wireless Arena, City of York, TUI, Centurylink, Outback Steakhouse, Pizza Express, British Land, Merlin Entertainments Group and the Indiana Pacers.

It has a global agreement in place with Westcon Comstor, in addition to an active reseller base of over 1,200 in 102 countries. Purple employs over 100 full time staff and currently has offices in the UK, US, Spain, Australia, Singapore and Chile, with more offices planned.

Purple is experiencing growth in multiple sectors, including hospitality, where people have time to spend online; in retail, where footfall tracking is essential; in healthcare, offering transparency around service and communication; and in entire cities moving towards the Internet of Things.

Purple divides its offering into two specific segments; WiFi Solutions and Location Services. Free and Enhanced licenses are available for both WiFi Solutions and Location Services.

  • Purple WiFi is the well-established guest WiFi, analytics, and marketing product.

    Key features include:

    • Splash Pages - Create branded splash pages with our drag and drop editor
    • Email & SMS - Send emails & SMS based on demographics and behaviour
    • Reviews - Connect review platforms and send feedback requests
    • Content Filtering
    • Bandwidth Management
    • Reporting and Insights
  • Purple Location is a location based services product that works to actually pinpoint devices within physical spaces. Key features include:
    • Proximity Marketing - Zone Flow, Journey Management
    • Heatmapping
    • Moving Venues - For Public Transport
    • WiBeacons - Location Hardware

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