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Redgate Software chooses Berlin's Silicon Allee for its new European office


Cambridge UK, Tuesday, 20 August 2019Redgate Software, the Cambridge UK based vendor of database DevOps solutions, has opened a new office in Berlin to offer European customers a closer, more personal service. It follows the opening of an office in what is becoming regarded as Australia’s new tech hub, Brisbane, in November 2018 and joins other existing offices in Pasadena and Austin in the US.

The move is a significant one for the vendor which counts among its customers 91% of the companies in the Fortune 100, and reflects the growing interest in including the database in DevOps. DevOps is now becoming widely adopted in application development to take advantage of the increased speed of releases it encourages, and if the database is excluded, it can become a stumbling block in the process.

Redgate has a complete portfolio of database development solutions which enable database DevOps and its recent acquisition of Flyway, the open source cross-platform database migration tool, has made it the leading database DevOps vendor.

With increasing interest in its solutions, the opening of a new European office was a natural next step and the choice of Berlin was an easy decision to make. According to Independent research reports by Kickstand and PSM&W, the city is the fastest growing tech hub in Europe, with €436 million of early stage funding available to startups. Gruenden, a business advisory agency in Germany, has also calculated that a new company is founded every 20 minutes in the German capital, in a huge variety of sectors ranging from fintech to health apps.

Originally coined as a name for the area around Berlin’s Torstrasse, Silicon Allee has now become synonymous with the city’s tech ecosystem, and Cassi Roper, VP of Sales at Redgate, is excited at the opening of the new office.

“In technology terms, Berlin is the most exciting place to be in Europe right now. A lot of our existing German customers are in the capital, talented people are being drawn to it, and it gives us easy access to other important countries in Europe.”

The new office will have a core of five staff initially and is expected to grow very quickly. Germany is already the largest software market in Europe, accounting for around a quarter of the total market by value, and has a goal to become the number one European country in terms of digital growth.

Many digital transformation initiatives typically involve a move to a DevOps way of working, in which cooperation and collaboration is encouraged in order to release application updates and features faster and with fewer errors. Redgate solutions enable the database to be included and one notable customer, Skyscanner, moved from releasing database changes once every six weeks to 95 times a day when it first introduced them.

With a new office literally on their doorstep, Redgate will be able to help businesses in Germany and other European countries explore the advantages of database DevOps and take advantage of local support while doing so.


About Redgate Software
Redgate makes ingeniously simple software used by over 800,000 IT professionals and is the leading Microsoft SQL Server tools vendor. Redgate's philosophy is to design highly usable, reliable solutions which elegantly solve the problems developers and DBAs face every day, and help them to adopt database DevOps. As well as streamlining database development and preventing the database being a bottleneck, this helps organizations introduce data protection by design and by default. As a result, more than 100,000 companies use Redgate solutions, including 91% of those in the Fortune 100.

For further information, please contact:
Cassi Roper, VP of Sales, Redgate Software

Anthony Rhodes, Country Manager DACH

Matt Hilbert, Technology Writer, Redgate Software
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