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Redgate Software eyes Latin America as the next major market for its database DevOps solutions


Cambridge UK, Tuesday, 6 August 2019 – In a move that marks the growing importance of the Latin American ICT marketplace, Cambridge UK based Redgate Software has signed up Grupo Babel to its Partner roster to help customers in the region adopt its database DevOps solutions.

Based in Costa Rica, Grupo Babel joins a worldwide network of Redgate Partners, all of whom are chosen for their expertise and skills in helping customers get more value out of their IT infrastructure.

For the last five years, Redgate has been developing its portfolio of database development tools to help organizations include the database in their DevOps processes and stop it being a blocker to the faster speed of releases which can otherwise be gained.

Grupo Babel has been on a similar journey and the Microsoft and Oracle Gold Partner now helps customers in the financial services, enterprise and government sectors in five Latin American countries adopt DevOps and Agile processes. Including the database was the next natural step, as Esteban Oviedo Blanco, Grupo Babel CEO, explains:

“Many digital transformation initiatives have a database at the back end supporting front-end applications, and customers now want to include it in their DevOps plans. We’ve been looking for a way to help them do that and Redgate’s portfolio of Microsoft and Oracle solutions make it the perfect vendor to partner with.”

In technology terms, Latin America has been something of a sleeping giant because, while ICT spending in the region is around a third of that in Europe and a fifth of that in the USA, it still adds up to US$300 billion for 2019 and will grow to US$340 billion in 2020, according to research from IDC.

IDC’s Latin America IT Industry 2019 Predictions report also says: “By 2022, 50%+ of Latin American GDP will be digitized, with growth in every industry driven by digitally enhanced offerings, operations, and relationships.”

It is this optimistic outlook and opportunity for change that makes the region so interesting to watch because companies and organizations are going through digital transformation initiatives that really are transformations rather than enhancements. While around 80% of existing SQL Server instances are on-premises, for example, almost 100% of the projects Grupo Babel undertake are cloud-based.

This, for Redgate Partnerships and Alliances Manager, Cass Lloyd, is what makes the new partnership so exciting. “In Europe and North America, new projects often have to work around and work with the large legacy infrastructures in place. In Latin America, the IT footprints are typically smaller, so businesses can introduce the very latest DevOps practices faster and easier.”

Redgate is continuing to grow its network of Partners and is now actively looking for more Partners in Latin America spread the message about database DevOps to a wider audience.

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For further information, please contact:
Cass Lloyd, Partnerships and Alliances Manager, Redgate Software

Matt Hilbert, Technology Writer, Redgate Software
07564 778274

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