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Redgate acquires database migrations and deployment tool, ReadyRoll, invests further in product development


Cambridge, UK, June 3, 2015 – Redgate Software, the company behind industry-leading database products like SQL Compare, has enhanced its Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) capability with the acquisition of ReadyRoll.

A database tool that makes it easy for software teams to develop SQL Server databases within Visual Studio, ReadyRoll makes the process of database refactoring simpler.

It manages SQL scripts as part of database projects via existing source control providers such as TFS or Git, paving the way for automated deployments.

“Acquiring ReadyRoll was an easy decision for us,” says Ben Rees, Redgate DLM General Manager. “It fits into our DLM strategy, helping organizations put in place a fast, smooth, and repeatable database deployment process. It also plugs into Visual Studio, where Redgate’s tools aren’t as strong.”

“This follows our own philosophy of enabling customers to work the way they want to, by enhancing their existing infrastructure, whether that’s SSMS or Visual Studio, or plugging into other third party tools such as Git, TeamCity or Octopus Deploy.”

"For too long, the database has been a second-class citizen in the ALM world,” says Daniel Nolan, ReadyRoll founder. “By joining the Redgate team, there's so much more we'll be able to do to help customers achieve Continuous Delivery for their databases."

The acquisition is a further demonstration of Redgate’s commitment to DLM. Application Lifecycle Management is used by many companies to release changes to applications faster and more efficiently. Redgate’s growing suite of DLM tools allows companies to include the database in the process while keeping data absolutely secure.

Redgate isn’t just investing into ReadyRoll, it’s also adding new products that have been developed in-house and continues to improve existing products.

New DLM Dashboard has just come out of Beta in a free community edition, alerting teams to database schema changes across environments.

SQL Release was launched earlier this year and allows developers to make safe, automated production deployments of database changes, including a review step for operations teams before any changes are made to production systems.

SQL Compare 11, the industry standard for comparing and manually deploying SQL Server database schemas, was released at the end of 2014.

SQL Source Control 4 is due out over the summer and will include object locking, allowing users to lock database objects in SSMS with just one click, reducing the risk of conflicts when working in a team.

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