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Redgate extends SQL Compare to provide Linux Command Line Interface and support for SQL Server 2019


Cambridge UK, Wednesday 2 October 2019 – Redgate today announced the launch of SQL Compare v14, the latest version of its industry standard tool for quickly and accurately comparing and deploying SQL Server databases. The major new release of the tool includes a beta Command Line Interface on Linux for the first time, enabling teams to benefit from SQL Compare, whether they choose to work in Windows, Linux, or a combination of the two. This removes complexity and increases user choice, and is part of Redgate’s ongoing commitment to widen access to its tools and enable developers to work effectively across multiple environments.

The partner product, SQL Data Compare, which is used to compare and deploy SQL Server database contents, has similarly been upgraded to offer a Command Line Interface on Linux, and both tools also come with full support for the forthcoming SQL Server 2019 release. Users will be able to access its new features, including easier management of big data environments, data virtualization capabilities and more advanced analytics.

SQL Compare was the first tool launched by Redgate, and 2019 sees both the tool and the company celebrating their 20th birthdays. During this time SQL Compare has grown from 1,000 lines of code to over 800,000 as its capabilities have widened, and has been used to compare more than 1 million databases.

71% of companies in the Fortune 100 now depend on Redgate’s tool to compare different versions of their SQL databases and successfully deploy changes quickly, simply and with zero errors. This enables work to be synchronized between developers, detects database drift, finds and fixes problems in production and makes it simple to create rollback scripts.

As well as being available as a standalone tool, SQL Compare is part of Redgate’s SQL Toolbelt solution and powers Redgate’s Database DevOps automation tools.

As Simon Galbraith, CEO and Co-Founder of Redgate Software, comments: “We’re extremely proud that SQL Compare has been helping users across the world for two decades. While it began as a simple yet powerful tool, it’s been constantly developed as customer needs change, and hundreds of thousands of people now rely on it every day. The new Linux Command Line Interface means database development teams can benefit from the tool, whatever operating system they choose to work in. Wherever the future takes us, we’re committed to further developing SQL Compare moving forward, so that it continues to be the database comparison tool of choice.”

SQL Compare 14 is now available from a container repository, as well as via a Windows installer, meaning it will run anywhere that Docker does. This further extends the options for teams, enabling them to work in the way that best suits their needs.

Existing SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare users with an active support license can upgrade within their client or via the Redgate website. A free fully-functional, 14-day trial of the tools is also available.

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For further information, please contact:
Tim Dalton, Product Manager, Redgate Software

Matt Hilbert, Technology Writer, Redgate Software
07564 778274

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