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Reverb Networks joins Nokia Networks in OSS Interoperability Initiative (OSSii)


Self-optimizing network pioneer to gain sustainable access to network operations protocols and data formats from major industry equipment vendors

Sterling, Virginia, 27 March 2015 Self-optimizing network (SON) specialist Reverb Networks has signed a bi-lateral agreement with Nokia Networks within the OSS Interoperability Initiative (OSSii) to ensure the future availability and reliability of network data formats for their popular SON solution, InteliSON.

OSSii logo
OSSii logo

The OSSii was founded by Nokia Networks, Ericsson, and Huawei as the initiating parties, with the aim of simplifying interoperability between OSS systems in a multi-vendor network environment. The initiative provides simplified, multi-lateral access to interfaces that have previously been restricted to proprietary use. The objectives of OSSii include enabling easier interoperability between OSS systems, reducing overall OSS integration costs and enabling shorter time-to-market.

“One of our goals with OSSii is ensuring that the ecosystem around our networks can reliably sustain operations and help keep network customers at full operational capacity”, said Juha Röyskö, Head of Product Management, OSSii & Multivendor Integrations (MVI), Nokia Networks. “We are promoting an open ecosystem and competition where operators can benefit from best in industry solutions. OSSii helps our customers to reduce the systems integration cost and launch new services a lot faster.“

Typically SON systems rely on regular access to network-generated OSS data to derive improvement opportunities, and subsequently optimize performance, capacity and coverage by changing network parameters directly. Unexpected changes in underlying data or command formats can cause some SON systems to be blocked completely.

“Many SON vendors still rely on an informal approach, reverse engineering samples of network data to ascertain formats. By joining the OSSii initiative with founding partner Nokia Networks, Reverb is now able to offer a much more proactive level of support, with sustainable, licensed, up-to-date access to all the interworking network data formats needed to support customer networks now and in the future,” said Zoran Kehler, CEO Reverb Networks. “This is a serious requirement, as a simple change in a data format can block a SON system from being able to access network data or send commands to the network OSS system.”

Reverb Networks SON systems are already in operational use on live networks in North and South America. Reverb Networks will be exhibiting their SON systems at the forthcoming LTE LATAM conference, held in Rio de Janiero, 7-9 April 2015. For more information please visit:


About Reverb Networks
Reverb Networks is a pioneering provider of automated, customer-centric and value-based self-optimizing network solutions. Reverb’s InteliSON product suite enhances networks of mobile network operators through frequent and proactive self-optimization, improving network coverage and capacity and increasing spectral efficiencies. Headquartered in the United States, Reverb Networks has presence in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia, and offers support across the globe.

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