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Reverb Networks predicts explosive need for Self-Optimizing Networks in APAC


Self-Optimizing Networks will be essential for management of increased traffic issues as subscriber populations mature and new bandwidth intensive services create huge demand

Sterling Virginia, Monday, September 22, 2014

Reverb Networks Logo
Reverb Networks Logo

Reverb Networks, the pioneer in self-optimizing network systems, predicts that massively increasing use of new bandwidth intensive devices and services will drive an exceptionally strong need for automated optimization of mobile networks in the Asia Pacific region in the next 5 years.

Reverb research shows that mobile data traffic alone is projected to increase by an order of magnitude in Asia Pacific, increasing from 524,000 terabytes per month in 2013 to an extraordinary 6,717,000 terabytes per month by 2018 (source: Statista).

By 2017 it is projected that APAC mobile data traffic will make up almost 50% of all worldwide mobile data traffic (source: GSMA), and over 50% of that traffic will be bandwidth intensive services such as video streaming (source: Ericsson).

“Reverb Network has been very active in the Asia Pacific region in recent months, working with local partners such as Tech Mahindra and Guavus on a number of important SON projects,” said Reverb Networks CEO Zoran Kehler. “What is becoming increasingly clear is that the traditional methods of optimizing network performance are already outdated, and even with the introduction of complex capacity solutions like small cells, the problem is getting very rapidly more challenging as high bandwidth mobile data traffic applications and demands increase.”

Reverb Networks is widely recognised as a pioneer in Self-Optimizing Networks, with a large number of patents already granted and several more in process. In particular Reverb has focused on fully automatic software-based SON systems which can reduce dropped call and data rates significantly. With live deployments covering a population of close to 3.5 million subscribers in North America, Reverb Networks also has the real world SON experience to ensure a stable, reliable operational system. More information is available at

“It’s almost impossible for a completely people-based approach to keep up with the scale and speed of the loads being applied to network today, let alone the demands expected 5 years from now,” continued Kehler. “The speed with which demands and events can overwhelm network resources is on the order of seconds. That means that the network engineering and operations team has to have the systems in place to react fast – automatically, using a Self-Optimizing Network system. Even better, they would be able to predict events before they happen, and adjust the network in anticipation of demand, which is exactly what we have designed the Reverb Networks InteliSON Predictive SON (P-SON) capability to do.”

Reverb Networks will be represented at the LTE Asia conference held in Singapore between September 23-25 2014, and will be sponsoring the forthcoming SON 2014 conference that takes place in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from 1-2 October 2014. More information can be found at and


About Reverb Networks
Reverb Networks is a pioneering provider of automated, customer-centric and value-based self-optimizing network solutions. Reverb’s InteliSON product suite enhances networks of mobile network operators through frequent and proactive self-optimization, improving network coverage and capacity and increasing spectral efficiencies. Headquartered in the United States, Reverb Networks has presence in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia, and offers support across the globe.

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