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Reverb Networks releases new SON functionality for rapidly growing mobile networks


Self-optimizing network pioneer adds enhanced functionality in InteliSON 4.0 to assure quality and cost-effectiveness of fast-growing 3G & 4G networks 

Sterling, Virginia, 12 May 2015 Self-optimizing network specialist Reverb Networks has extended its proven InteliSON solution with a new 4.0 release containing new features and functions designed to assist operators in the fast-growing geographies like the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Reverb Networks Logo
Reverb Networks Logo

The latest release of Reverb’s new self-optimizing network solution enhances several capabilities of the existing system to rapidly improve quality of service for subscribers in high growth environments, while also easing networks change management processes for engineers. Reverb Networks SON is able to be used dynamically, adapting to ongoing network engineering processes, which means it can optimize the network with requiring the disruption of a network freeze.

“Many rapidly-growing wireless markets are focused on delivering very high quality services to all citizens, usually with a strong emphasis on assisting national development and economic growth,” said Zoran Kehler, CEO Reverb Networks. “Reverb has been focusing on solutions that explicitly help operators in regions like Africa, Asia and the Middle East work towards those goals - more rapidly and with more certain results than were previously possible.”

“Several very large markets are experiencing strong growth, and our goal is to help regional operators to manage that growth without disappointing customers, investors or regulators,” continued Kehler. “With Reverb InteliSON, network providers can balance the needs of all stakeholders to ensure the best possible network.”

Reverb Networks is the only SON provider to have signed a partnership agreement with the Nokia Networks under the OSSii partnership, ensuring continuity of data interchange formats, as well as a global sales and support agreement with ASCOM Network Testing.

Reverb Networks will be exhibiting InteliSON 4.0 at the LTE Middle East & North Africa conference being held in Dubai, 11-13 May 2015.


About Reverb Networks
Reverb Networks is a pioneering provider of automated, customer-centric and value-based self-optimizing network solutions. Reverb’s InteliSON product suite enhances networks of mobile network operators through frequent and proactive self-optimization, improving network coverage and capacity and increasing spectral efficiencies. Headquartered in the United States, Reverb Networks has presence in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia, and offers support across the globe.

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