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Riggerman Games Releases A Shooter With A Difference!


Wingbreaker a Refreshing Change in a Popular Genre

London, England, 02 October 2012 - RIGGERMAN GAMES is delighted to announce the release of their new game, the arcade strategy shoot ‘em up title, “Wingbreaker.”

“Wingbreaker” is available exclusively on iOS platforms, and is compatible with iPhones or iPod Touch devices that are 3rd generation or newer, and on all iPad devices. “Wingbreaker” is free to download; Riggerman Games are also planning to release the game on Android platforms should the iOS version prove successful.

“Wingbreaker” is an innovative arcade shooting adventure, with a unique blend of 3D graphics and 2D gameplay for users to enjoy. “Wingbreaker” is aimed at both casual and committed gamers that are looking for an exciting challenge on the move when they are unable to access a games console.

In “Wingbreaker,” the users’ first objective is to customise their gunship and starting weapons as they wish. During the gameplay of “Wingbreaker” itself, the users’ objective is to battle their way through a collection of increasingly tough levels and satisfying pre-determined mission objectives prior to the final showdown with a boss.

There are two control methods available to players of “Wingbreaker.” Users can either control their ship by tilting their device in the desired direction of travel, using their thumbs on either side of the screen to fire their ships’ weapons, or a touchpad based method where one pad controls the ship, and another the usage of weapons.

“Wingbreaker” features two in-game playing modes, Mission and Arcade. In “Wingbreaker’s” Mission mode, there are 22 levels to be completed and set objectives to be achieved in order to successfully “finish” the game. Arcade mode is slightly different, with an infinite number of varying and challenging levels, where the objective of the user is to achieve as high a score as possible in order to top the global leaderboards.  At the beginning of “Wingbreaker,” all of the in-game weapons and features are locked, only accessible through completing the in-game missions or purchasing an IAP at a cost of $1.99.

“Wingbreaker” features an in-game trophy room with 20 unlockable achievements, enough to keep even the most skilled gamer glued to their screen for hours on end.  Intriguingly, only 17 of the achievements are visible to the user, with the remaining three hidden for discovery within the game. “Wingbreaker” also utilises social media integration within the game, with options to post scores achieved within Arcade mode direct to a users’ Facebook or Twitter account.  Should gamers wish to do so, they can even upload screenshots of “Wingbreaker” to Facebook as they are playing.

Announcing the launch of “Wingbreaker,” Riggerman Games founder and CEO Richard Kazuo said, “I am delighted to have reached this stage with our first game, and we are very proud of the final result. I welcome any and all feedback around all aspects of the game, and plan on personally responding to each message I receive.”

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A downloadable media pack, including screenshots and video of “Wingbreaker,” can be found at

About Riggerman Games
Riggerman Games is an independent, start-up mobile games developer, planning to release many more games across various genres in the future.

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