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Rip-roaring ‘Road Runner’ available now for Android!


Infinite Runner genre gets exciting nitro boost!

Maintenon, France – September 24, 2012 THECLE has released ‘Road Runner’, an infinite racer title for Android devices.

About Road Runner
‘Road Runner’ is an action-packed single player title that aims to fuel-inject some adrenalin into the Android App Market by combining the popular infinite runner template with the speed and excitement of an arcade racer.  In the year 2034 citizens no longer turn to the Police to track down criminals, instead they hire mercenaries to complete jobs for cold cash. The game has you taking the role of a hired Bounty Hunter tasked with making arrests and beating the clock.

Players jump behind the wheel and tear through the city. But with the unique threefold objective of nabbing some bad guys (they don’t play easy…or fair), staying alive through the treacherously winding streets and taking insane jumps for combos and cash, you’re a lot more than just a running man!

Seven different vehicles can be purchased which add a sizable twist to your mission.  You might expect a hardened merc to own a supercar or two, but in this game you’ll take whatever you can hotwire. A high speed pursuit in an ambulance? Sure! Burning rubber in a dump truck? Why not!

Each vehicle comes complete with stats that affect performance, as well as in-game Nitro boosts for an intense dose of speed. And as a treat for all the petrol heads out there, the stylish and iconic V8 Interceptor featured in the ‘Mad Max’ films can also be unlocked.

The game also allows players to compete with friends, checking in their high scores and over 40 separate achievements using the handheld gaming social network, HeyZap.

‘Road Runner’ was one of the first games to fuse the infinite runner and arcade racer genres on the Android Market and has received the Editor’s Pick award in Aug 2012 from review site

About Thecle
Thecle is an independent mobile game developer based in France.

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