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SFW and CDC Climat Announce New Deal for Carbon Market Service Delivery


9th January 2013 - Woking, Surrey - SFW Ltd and CDC Climat are delighted to announce a new arrangement for the delivery of their respective climate change services whereby CDC Climat will offer the investment, consulting and research and SFW will offer IT products and services – enabling both organisations to focus on their core strengths to the benefit of their clients.

The new deal is based around SFW’s purchase of the Intellectual Property Rights of the Global Carbon Portfolio (GCP), Registry Electronic Interface (REI) and Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) Registry software from CDC Climat. In addition, both parties have agreed that they will work together on, and jointly offer, the Seringas national registry software: CDC Climat will continue to offer Seringas as part of its full range of advisory services to Governments, with SFW delivering the technical advisory services and maintenance of the tool itself.

Francois Sit, who was pivotal in the deal for CDC Climat, said: “This balanced arrangement ensures continuity of service and preserves the technical assets and registry linkages of the IT tools we have developed – I am extremely satisfied with the result for CDC Climat and its clients”.

Anaïs Delbosc, Head of the Government’s Advisory services at CDC Climat added: “This new arrangement guarantees that CDC Climat’s advisory services to public bodies will be supported by the best possible IT services provided by SFW”.

Chris Peddie Burch, Head of SFW’s Climate Environment and Energy Group said “The purchase of GCP, REI and VCS perfectly complements SFW’s existing offerings – ETSWAP and consultancy services – and completes SFW’s climate product portfolio. SFW now combines the knowledge and the products to help Governments and Government Agencies implement effective market mechanisms. I am delighted that SFW can now offer even more products that integrate well with each other and that give clients greater choice as to how they address their individual climate requirements.”

Commenting on the purchase, Peter Hornsby, Director at SFW said “This is great news not just for SFW and CDC Climat, but also for clients requiring climate change solutions as it rationalises the service offerings of both parties and means that they have a clear path to getting the impartial advice, practical knowledge and delivery expertise they need to honour their Climate commitments.”


For any press-related queries regarding SFW, please contact Catriona Anderson +44 1483 722219

For any press-related queries regarding CDC Climat, please contact Maria Scolan, CDC Climat on +33 1 58 50 32 48

Notes to Editors

About SFW
SFW delivers premium, value for money, Climate Change IT Systems and services to Public and Private Sector organisations. It is the IT partner responsible for supporting and maintaining the Greta and Seringas registries and offers consultancy, software development, systems support, and maintenance services. SFW truly understands the complexities, needs, and challenges of implementing climate change solutions, combining this with the technical knowledge and ability to deliver streamlined, effective and efficient emissions management, registry and connectivity solutions. For further information, visit

About CDC Climat
CDC Climat is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts dedicated to furthering the energy and environmental transition. Benefiting from a broad array of skills ranging from investment to project finance, or advisory & economic research, CDC Climat applies its expertise to the various levers of action necessary for this transition, including climate and energy policies, emissions trading schemes, low-emission and resilient investment as well as energy efficiency policies, to assist governments, public authorities and private companies. CDC Climat has four key business activities:

  • Investing in “eco-service” companies, and providing investment advisory services

  • Structuring and impact investing in climate & energy transition initiatives

  • Climate economics research

  • Advising governments on their climate policy.

Further information on

About CDC Climat and SFW Ltd
CDC Climat and SFW Ltd have been working in cooperation since the inception of the EU ETS carbon market in 2005. They collaborated in the first phase of development of ETSWAP, the unified system for Monitoring, Verifying and Reporting across all EU ETS sectors including Aviation and Stationary Sources. Throughout this time, they have amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise, not only in the construct of the markets themselves but also in the deployment of effective, efficient services and systems that meet regulatory and stakeholder needs and help organisations manage, monitor and combat climate change.

Product Information

About Global Carbon Portfolio (GCP)
GCP is a suite of services, accessible via a web interface, designed for Carbon unit holders, providing a centralised and consolidated accounting view of all the carbon units held in multiple registries for all standards.

  • It provides a consolidated view of all the positions held in multiple external registries (under conditions)

  • It provides a global, centralised and consistent and reproducible accounting system that reflects your account statement across different issuing registries

  • It is a tool for reconciliation between positions in real time for all registries connected through the REI.

About Registry Electronic Interface (REI)
The REI connects user systems with National Registries to allow automated execution of registry transactions – an essential component for fully automated carbon trading and reporting.

Features include:

  • Balance enquiries

  • Electronic order execution

  • Status checking and reporting

  • Bulk transaction processing

  • Auditing and logging

The REI can connect to both national registries and trading exchanges within the European markets and worldwide. It is expected that the REI will also connect to single European Registry for the EU ETS.

Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) Registry
The VCS registry programme (formerly operated by CDC Climat) not only complies with the VCS Standards but exceeds them – providing a new benchmark of efficiency, confidence and security for carbon market transactions. It standardises and provides reliability for the voluntary offset market, creates a tradable offset credit, the Voluntary Carbon Unit and records the chain of transfer, preventing units being used twice.

The VCS registry offers:

  • Different profiles and authorisation levels and the ability to manage sub-accounts

  • An efficient registration process including pre-CDM project registration

  • VCU issuance / retirement

  • Lifecycle records of the credit and transaction notification for each transaction

  • Delivery instructions, processing and follow-up

  • Comprehensive reporting (activity reports)

  • Accountancy services

  • Archiving of records

  • Security – protection authentication and secure access

  • Multi-lingual : English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese

  • User-friendly, intuitive interface with real time transaction processing

About Seringas
Seringas is secure and highly reliable software designed to store and manage records and monitor allowance holdings and transactions within the area of climate change and environmental finance. In compliance with national and international regulations, it has been used by numerous national governments to manage allowances and emissions in particular within the framework of the EU ETS and the Kyoto Protocol.

Seringas’ main functionalities are:

  • Management and conversion of Carbon Units (AAUs,CERs, VERs…)

  • User Management and access control functions

  • Accurate accounting of GHG emission rights: Issuance – Holdings – Transfers – Acquisition – Cancellation – Retirement – Audit trail, reconciliation

  • Account Management: transaction notification, Account statements, account blocking/closing

  • Reporting: automatically generated reports for the Public, operators and competent authorities

  • Management of Offset Projects