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SKY chooses Bwtech's NetChart solution for end-to-end optimization of its LTE network


Using NetChart, the operator was able to have an end-to-end view of its network, from the Access part to the Core network.

Brasília, August 1, 2017 - SKY is the largest satellite pay TV operator in Brazil and operates a LTE network in 23 of 26 Brazilian states and the Federal District. After analyzing the various solutions available in the market, SKY chose Bwtech to implement an end-to-end vision of its 4G network and to help improve its network performance.

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On a single platform, SKY engineers can quickly and easily monitor all network elements, from the Access part and Backhaul, to Core elements. All types of equipment from different vendors are monitored through a user friendly and flexible interface.

“NetChart is the kind of solution which network engineers are always looking for - and rarely find one”, says Isidoro Ferret, director of the SKY Broadband Engineering. “All data on the network is imported automatically and transparently and we visualize everything in a single interface”. Ferret points out that the advanced parameter check features, logical alarms and quality indicators help SKY optimize its LTE network: “With NetChart our engineers detect more problems with greater agility. We gain in productivity and the result is a faster and higher quality network. Our goal is to provide our customers with better service every day”.

According to José Ruy, Bwtech Product Manager, “the ability to visualize and optimize end-to-end networks is one of the characteristics most appreciated by our clients around the world”. “Another NetChart feature very required”, adds Jose Ruy, “it is the ability to relate Performance Data (KPI) with logical/physical alarms and configuration changes - all on a single screen. Using only the mouse, with 3 clicks, engineers can perform an immediate and in-depth troubleshooting of network problems.”

Bwtech has a long-term relationship with SKY and has closely followed NetChart's significant growth within the operator, both in terms of breadth of use and improvement of the solution, which is now used in numerous activities, from parameter control and automated executive reporting to end-to-end performance tracking.

Bwtech is a company focused on software development and integration of solutions for mobile operators and regulators. It provides solutions for more than 20 major carriers across Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe.

NetChart, Bwtech's main solution, is a cloud-based tool for end-to-end optimization (Access, Backhaul and Core) of mobile networks. It has Configuration Management, Performance Monitoring, and Geolocation modules for 2G, 3G, LTE, and IoT technologies.

Headquartered in Brazil, Bwtech also has offices in Mexico, Argentina and the United Kingdom.

SKY is the largest satellite pay TV operator in Brazil. It transmits 100% digital signal to subscribers nationwide with product solutions for the most varied public profiles, from post to prepaid customers. It is the operator that has brought the largest number of technological innovations in pay TV in Brazil, always combined with the best programming and excellence in serving 5.3 million customers. Since 2011, SKY has also invested in network deployment to offer a SKY Broadband in Brazil. Today it is the fastest growing player in the market and provides internet service to more than 300 thousand subscribers. Access for more details.