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SML RFID Rolls Out Virtual Demos For Retailers


30 September 2020: SML RFID, the leading global item-level RFID solutions provider, has today announced the launch of virtual demonstrations for retailers, as part of its Retail Ideation Space (RIS). With retailers unable to test out RFID solutions in-person as a result of COVID-19, the virtual demos will allow retailers to test and implement the benefits of RFID technology and how it can impact their business operations.

With an accelerated market demand for item-level RFID and other advanced technologies that are driving a new era in retailing, there is a need for a real-world collaboration space to test enhanced tools and technologies. Compounded by the additional pressure on retailers and the channel from COVID-19, retailers can now take advantage of SML’s virtual demos to learn about and test some of the latest developments that are at the convergence of operations, inventory and customer service.

SML RFID's Retail Ideation Spaces
SML RFID's Retail Ideation Spaces

Dean Frew, CTO and SVP of RFID Solutions at SML RFID, said: “Offering virtual demos is a fantastic development in SML’s offering and means that retailers can see what our solutions can really do, completely virtually from whatever location suits them best.

“Retailers will be able to virtually experience complete immersion in various technologies, directly aiding their digital transformation and demonstrating how these technologies can be simply applied to their business.”

Since the launch of its three RIS in 2019 (USA, China and UK), SML has evidenced that this collaborative approach to work through requirements, training and integrations can greatly speed up time to market and therefore maximize ROIs.

The virtual demos will include numerous item-level inventory management and customer experience technologies including SML’s extensive range of RFID-enabled Inspire® tags and its enterprise-grade Clarity® software solutions. Retailers will be able to experience various use cases, design options and tradeoffs to deliver an enhanced experience.

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SML is a leading technology provider for this New Era in Retailing. As the full-service RFID solution provider and trusted partner to the world’s largest retailers and fashion brands, delivering proven results and rapid ROI’s. SML offers the industry a broad spectrum of cost-effective high-performance certified RFID Inspire™ tags and a global network of encoding solutions to enterprise-class RFID software Clarity® for retail stores throughout the supply chain.

With a presence in over 30 countries, SML is the #1 item-level RFID software provider in the world and has the largest global network of source-tagging service bureaus that enables it to be the leading technology provider - making solutions impactful, scalable and simple. For detail, please visit

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