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Press Release

Salt chooses SandSIV solution for the even more customer centric approach

  • Salt signed a contract with SandSIV to start a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program using a SaaS (Software as a Service) based customer feedback application.
  • The VoC program solution works across multiple channels (web, email, SMS, IVR) in multiple languages. 
  • Initial focus is on systematic short term customer ratings of interaction experience events (extending call surveys to shop visits, billing).
  • Ad-hoc surveys are planned to gain even better insights and identify areas for further improvements in the customer experience. 
  • SandSIV VoC solution supports Salt in entering the next level of customer experience management.

“We have chosen SandSIV because they provide us a cost effective end-to-end solution, with a rapid setup period. The SandSIV solution offers the possibility to gradually expand and tailor functionalities. With the high flexibility of this application we will be able to include real-time customer feedbacks and ad-hock surveys in an even better way into our customer experience management. This will help us to offer our customers an even better service by including their individual feedbacks into the customer experience processes”, said Thomas Portman, Director Customer Experience of Salt.

With this deal Salt has full access to SandSIV’s VoC Feedback Professional product. This is a SaaS based customer feedback application, capable of working across multiple channels (such as the web, email, SMS and IVR), in multiple languages. With this VoC solution Salt wants to develop a method for capturing real-time and none real-time feedbacks, with an emphasis on ad-hoc surveys to gain better insights and to move rapidly to the next stage of Customer Experience Management maturity. Initially, Salt will do customer feedback surveys in German, French, Italian and English.

SandSIV EMEA Sales Director Luca Esposito, has said: “We are absolutely delighted to have been chosen by Salt as their VoC technology provider. We are very strong in the Telco sector, and we want to help Salt becoming even more customer centric and in keeping ahead of the competition.”

More information.
+41 78 787 10 16, Therese Wenger,
+41 79 205 18 49, Luca Esposito, 

About Salt Mobile SA.
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According to the magazine “connect” (01/2015 issue), Salt's mobile network is "very good" and only Salt offers the best talk and data connections in trains. Salt customers can surf on the fastest available Internet connection, including 4G+, at up to 300 Mbit/s – with no surcharges. With Pass, Salt offers the simplest tariff in Switzerland. Salt offers WiFi-Calling for phone calls and text messages in more than 3,000,000 Wi-Fi hotspots. Salt Packs contain everything for a mobile way of life, and at the best price.

And only Salt offers a 6 Week Return Guarantee. Salt is personal, simple, sincere, refreshing and efficient. Salt Mobile SA in figures as at 31/12/2014: Total revenue CHF 1,316 million – 2.166 million customers – 893 employees (full-time equivalent) – more than 80 Salt Stores – 4G coverage of 92% of the population of Switzerland.

As of 23 February 2015, Salt Mobile SA is owned by the French entrepreneur Xavier Niel, Paris.

About SandSIV
SandSIV enables its clients to begin working in a more customer centric manner, by listening to the Voice of the Customer, and turning it in to actionable Customer Intelligence. SandSIV provides a combination of purpose built SaaS technology, and expert Customer Experience Management consulting, which combine to deliver a platform that can positively affect revenues for any company, in any market or region, with a rapid ROI.