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SandSIV Introduces PRISM CX To Measure The Digital Experience


PRISM CX for VOC FEEDBACK™ is an all-in-one feedback and analytics solution to truly understand the offline and online customer experience journey.

Zurich, Switzerland, December 1, 2015, SandSIV was pleased to announce the launch of their PRISM CX application. It was created to help determine the level of customer experience that a company is delivering both online and offline:

  • No more guesswork analyzing the consistency of the customer experience in both worlds.
  • Enables users to know the influence of digital channels on off-line experiences.
  • It automatically monitors the level of experience that is being delivered offline and online
  • Remotely observes customer interactions in both worlds and analyzes results to instantly share the insights.
  • Provides extensive visibility into customer interactions with all touchpoints.
  • Measures the impact of websites and web apps on clients’ customer experience.

PRISM CX allows users to connect the digital world to complete their VOC HUB solution - measuring in real time what is happening on all digital touchpoints. PRISM CX can be the starting point of the digital experience management or integrated into an omni-channel customer journey strategy. It will provide hard data and undeniable examples of the customer experience. PRISM CX will calculate and graph effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction.

“Most of the existing Customer Experience Management solutions are aiming to measure the off-line touchpoints” declares Dennis Weiss, Head of Product development at SandSIV, “PRISM CX combines a set of APIs capable of embedding all digital channels, from customer portal to mobile web, customers chats and social networks. Because customers are humans and their experiences are both: off and online. Humans are emotional creatures and they want experiences that engage them as humans. They’re not clicks, impressions, views, likes, shares or conversions.”

About SandSIV:
SandSIV is a recognized global leader in Customer Intelligence. SandSIV enables world-leading companies to understand their customers through next-generation Big Data analytics. Through cutting-edge Voice of the Customer (VoC) technologies combined with expert Customer Experience Management (CXM), SandSIV directly contributes to increased operational efficiency, helps accelerate business performance and provides measurable impact on revenue and the bottom-line.

SandSIV operates globally and currently specializes in the following industry verticals: Entertainment, Financials, Healthcare Industry, Hospitality, Media, Retail, Telecoms, Transport and Utilities. The company is headquartered in Switzerland with local subsidiaries and distribution partners across EMEA.

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