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SearchYourCloud Expands Single Search Capability to Box


SearchYourCloud’s full text search capabilities allow Box users to search and secure data in the cloud, access from one spot regardless of device

Simplexo today announced that SearchYourCloud now supports Box. SearchYourCloud users can securely find and access information stored in their Dropbox and Box files, Exchange and emails, and Sharepoint content. To further enhance productivity, users can edit files from within Windows and have the updated file automatically and securely saved back to Box. 

Key Facts

  • Superior Search. The enhanced search feature means that searching the Box file system is also faster and more accurate than the native Box search. Using the files content as search phrase, users can simultaneously search across applications. SearchYourCloud provides search results based on the overall relevance to the query rather than just “keywords.”

  • Single Search, Multiple Accounts. The application provides users access to multiple Box and Dropbox accounts in one place. Each document can be organised, accessed and searched as if all on the same desktop.

  • Unmatched Security. SearchYourCloud delivers easy and secure access to sensitive data without the risk of unauthorised access. SearchYourCloud does not create a direct network connection between a mobile device and the host computer/network, and does not hold file contents. Rather, data is synchronised to the cloud provider where it is fully encrypted to AES 256 and can be securely accessed from a tablet, smartphone or Windows PC.

  • Automatic Deletion from Mobile Devices. 'Off-Line' files can be automatically deleted from a mobile device after a pre-set time. This keeps user details and sensitive content from being cached on the device.

Simon Bain, SearchYourCloud CTO, stated: “Support for Box continues SearchYourCloud’s commitment to enabling users to simultaneously find what they are looking for and protect their data and privacy in the cloud. We are excited to expand SearchYourCloud capabilities with support for Box and look forward to further expansion with support for additional clouds to come soon.”



About Simplexo
Simplexo is resolutely focused on developing innovative and ground-breaking technology. Our software can be embedded, integrated and implemented by third parties such as carriers/mobile operators, systems integrators and software providers. We also partner with companies which have in-house IT development/integration expertise that wish to utilise our technology to solve current technical and/or business challenges. The Simplexo technology can be used as a front-end access method for existing private or public cloud services, or as the backbone to deliver new services. In either capacity it delivers a new information access paradigm that promises to revolutionise the way in which users access their critical data in the cloud.  For more information visit or

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