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SearchYourCloud Introduces First Real-Time, Multiple Database Search for Office 365


- SYC360 delivers immediate search results across cloud stores, desktop and mobile with a complete view of all information -

SearchYourCloud (SYC) today announces the immediate availability of SYC360, the first real-time application to deliver search results across cloud stores, desktop and mobile. Using an SYC search bar within Office 365, users can perform multiple pre-defined and ad-hoc queries across multiple databases and fields at once to produce results specific to their needs and gain a 360-view of all critical information inside their workflows.

The view delivers results within back-office applications, email, desktop and mobile documents, as well as the information from database sources such as accounts payable, human resources and CRMs. SYC360 helps streamline task-centered searches and captures all needed information into a read-only, real-time accurate view available to be saved and shared in PDF, CSV and HTML formats as needed.

Users retain control of their data, set up their own queries and where to search; applications continue to be securely managed by the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP)—all without breaking from the Office 365 interface. SYC360 is controlled through the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, which enables businesses to increase productivity through real-time search capabilities and mitigate impact on operational speed or lag in providing the results or files that have been requested by the user.

SYC360 is simple to use, with queries similar to those with which users are accustomed in Microsoft applications, rather than a new dashboard to learn. For example, if a sales manager would like to review where sales are coming from on a specific employee. Using SYC360, the sales manager can quickly and easily run a search across both payroll and the CRM to pull a report on only sales and commissions on that employee, thereby increasing the manager’s productivity.

Highland Martin, a nationally known Microsoft SharePoint ISV, is the first company to offer the SYC360 application in order to add powerful search technology and encryption to their dMAX Document Accelerator Platform.

“With the proliferation and power of hosted platforms, like Office 365, even our more traditional clients are now looking toward the cloud,” says Keith Johnson, Highland Martin CEO. “When you consider the privacy concerns around the storage and recall for Human Resources, Financial or Legal documents, you quickly realise the need for best-of-breed encryption technology. But how do you later find the – one - encrypted document you need out of millions if the data is encrypted? By integrating the SYC360 technology into the dMAX Document Accelerator Platform, our users can easily scan, route, store and search encrypted document contents in the cloud. The experience is so seamless our users don’t even know their documents are protected at every step; a rare win for IT security and user experience at the same time.”

“More businesses are relying on multiple databases to constantly access and share their work, but these often leave businesses with gaps in the ability to actually find needed information and in how to manage and keep data and documents easily accessible,” says Simon Bain, SYC CEO. “The SYC360 delivers an improved user experience for these business-critical applications without having to exit Office 365, while dramatically improving enterprise productivity and customisation of the information they actually need to know.”

The SYC360 starts at $24.99 per month/per user and can be immediately downloaded

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About SearchYourCloud
Founded in San Francisco in 2013, SearchYourCloud is reinventing Search for Big Data. With search at the speed of thought. SearchYourCloud accelerates the speed at which data, files, and documents are found in enterprise and individual search. Using federated, real-time indexing and its patented algorithm, SYC locates any file on the desktop, in email, or in the cloud from anywhere, on any device in under a millisecond. With file-level encryption and AES256 security at rest and in transit, no other search solution delivers the same level of protection and privacy for corporate and personal data. Because SearchYourCloud is not just Search, it’s Find. For more information, please see:

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