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Searchmetrics Announces Industry-First Tracking of Mobile App Performance in Search Results


Searchmetrics Suite™ Ranks Mobile App Performance, Delivers Unique Competitor Keyword Insights and Provides Error-Tracking and Alerts for Critical Web Pages

SAN MATEO, Calif. -- April 5, 2016 – Searchmetrics today announced several new features for its industry-leading search and content performance software suite, including the first-ever ability for online marketers to track and compare how their mobile apps perform in paid and organic searches.

Searchmetrics’ Mobile App Rankings is the first to automate the way app owners and their marketing teams track a particular application’s performance against competitors. Google and other search engines are increasingly displaying mobile apps as potential answers to user queries in mobile search results, making search an important channel for driving app installs and attracting traffic, engagement and app conversions.

“Searchmetrics is constantly improving its software suite to provide valuable data and insights to help online marketers refine their strategies,’’ said Marcus Tober, founder and CTO of Searchmetrics.

With Mobile App Rankings, marketers can analyze both mobile and tablet search performance for Android and iOS apps, down to specific regions. The rankings offer search performance data and insights for more than 700 mobile and local search engine combinations and provide weekly “winners and losers” lists showing which mobile apps are outperforming peers.

Competitive Keywords
Searchmetrics also has created a new version of its popular Competitive Keyword Discovery software, adding the ability to see which high-traffic topics and keywords are resonating with competitors, and which might be missing from the researcher’s portfolio. Competitive Keyword Discovery can analyze any site’s content and keyword strategies at a domain level and is the only solution providing real-time analysis of individual web pages through a simple URL-level comparison.

“Understanding what phrases your competitors target has never been easier,’’ said Micah Fisher-Kirshner, senior SEO manager at Zendesk. “Searchmetrics’ Competitive Keyword Discovery helps me quickly determine what content areas are missing and provides quantitative data to copywriting teams on what topics to add on a URL-to-URL basis.”

Visibility Guard
A third new feature to the Searchmetrics Suite is Visibility Guard, which provides an early warning system through email or HipChat and Slack real-time messaging to alert users to problems found during a scheduled crawl. Visibility Guard’s automatic error-identification system is a critical step in staying ahead before search engines remove important rankings due to preventable errors.

Visibility Guard found and alerted WebMD that mobile pages of its heart disease content were accidently coded so that search engines couldn’t find them when crawling the Web for content, said Alicia Anderson, SEO manager at WebMD, an online source for health, medical news and information.

“Searchmetrics caught the error before most of this site section was crawled by Google bots,” said Anderson, who corrected the problem before losing traffic. “Visibility Guard is my new favorite thing. It was exactly what I was looking for.”

The full version of Visibility Guard incorporates a number of features specifically asked for by customers, including configuring the software to ignore certain error types, customizable monitoring of page URLs, and setting a minimum SEO Value and Traffic Index.

The latest version of Searchmetrics Suite is now able to identify keywords that include Extended Search integrations within search engine results pages, including Twitter Card, Mobile App, Direct Answers, Knowledge Graph and Carousel. Searchmetrics’ Research Cloud has added Belgium to the 26 other countries in which it offers search, social insights and data. It also contains new Mobile Visibility data for Switzerland.

For further information about Mobile App Rankings, Competitive Keyword Discovery and other new features to the Searchmetrics Suite, visit:

About Searchmetrics
Changing search technology has forced SEO platform providers to up their games. These changes have created an entirely new search paradigm − search and content optimization. And since search engines have put a fence around a lot of their data, SEO platforms need to bring their own rich data to the party − and powerful tools to analyze it.

There’s only one search platform that owns its data: Searchmetrics, the world’s #1 SEO and content performance platform. We don’t rely on data from third parties. Our historical database spans seven years and contains over 250 billion pieces of information, such as keyword rankings, search terms, social links and backlinks. It includes global, mobile and local data covering organic and paid search, as well as social media. We have the largest global reach of any SEO platform, crawling the Web every day in more than 130 countries.

Searchmetrics monitors and reveals the full business available to you online. We provide our customers with a competitive advantage and help them identify new business opportunities by exposing the content consumers are engaging with on industry and competitors’ sites. Our Visibility Score − trusted by reputable media sources such as The New York Times, Bloomberg and The Guardian − reliably indicates your online presence.

We provide the insights our customers need to deliver results. Searchmetrics guides SEOs and content marketers with suggestions for creating content that improves relevance and boosts conversions. It shows the connection between social media links and overall engagement. And its analytics make clear which content performs the best and how an organization’s content performs against its competitors.

With Marcus Tober, one of the top 10 SEO minds in the world, leading Searchmetrics’ product development, we have over 100,000 users worldwide, many of whom are respected brands such as T-Mobile, eBay, TripAdvisor, Siemens and Symantec. They depend on Searchmetrics and our 10 years of product innovation to maximize their online performance.

We are the future of search. Today.

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