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Searchmetrics Announces Microsoft Word Add-in


Marketers now can create and optimize online content in real time using the Searchmetrics Content Experience™ platform within Microsoft Word

SAN MATEO (September 14, 2017) ‒ Searchmetrics today introduced a new Microsoft Word add-in that gives content creators instant access to key features and live data from the company’s Searchmetrics Content Experience™ platform. Within Word, users see real-time insights and recommendations, aiding in the creation of online content that engages target audiences and ranks high on Google and other search engines.

“With Searchmetrics Content Experience™ you get unique data-driven advice to help plan and develop content. No more relying on vague content briefings and no wasting time and effort with multiple separate tools to gather information, optimize and assess your content’s suitability,” said Marcus Tober, CTO and founder of Searchmetrics. “With this new Microsoft Word plugin, you can be even more productive by accessing a host of Searchmetrics Content Experience™ insights.”

Using the new add-in, users can access key features of the Searchmetrics Content Experience™ without ever having to leave Microsoft Word. They include:

  • Relevant terms and keywords – real-time feedback on the amount of words and phrases to include in the copy and how often, based on existing content that is already performing well in online search.
  • Inspiring Questions – improves content development by revealing the most common questions potential customers are asking online about a specific topic.
  • Duplicate Content Check – written text is instantly compared with content that already exists online, to avoid ineffective duplicate content.
  • Word Count – The Word Count Score depicts the gap between the amount of words in the text and the target word count.
  • Content Score – an index score that uses data science to evaluate the relevance of the text to the topic and assess its suitability for audiences and for search engine performance. The higher the Content Score, the better the coverage of the given topic(s) and the higher the potential for your content to perform successfully in the search engine.

The Microsoft Word Add-in for Searchmetrics Content Experience™ is available in the Office Store.

Using deep learning and data science and powered by the biggest and most relevant database of constantly updated search data, Searchmetrics Content Experience™ is a software-as-a-service solution that delivers a new paradigm for online marketers; its tools and guidance support the content creation process and drive the development of web content that resonates with audiences and produces predictable results. It is designed to foster an agile approach to content development, allowing content writers to work in an ongoing cycle of optimizing and publishing content, measuring its performance and discovering new insights to make it even better.

About Searchmetrics
We are your pathfinder to content that uniquely matches user intent with the deep learning insights of the Searchmetrics Suite™ and Searchmetrics Content Experience™ platforms. Search has evolved into a data-driven field that requires powerful tools to guide companies through discovery, optimization and measurement of engaging storytelling.

There’s only one search and content development platform that owns its data: Searchmetrics, the world’s #1 SEO and content performance platform. We don’t rely on data from third parties. Our historical database spans five years and contains over 250 billion pieces of information, such as keyword rankings, search terms, social links and backlinks. It includes global, mobile and local data covering organic and paid search, as well as social media. We have the largest global reach of any search platform, crawling the web every day in more than 130 countries.

Searchmetrics monitors and reveals the full business available to you online. We provide our customers with a competitive advantage and help them to identify new business opportunities by exposing the content consumers are engaging with on industry and competitors’ sites. Our SEO Visibility Score − trusted by reputable media sources such as The New York Times, Bloomberg and The Guardian − reliably indicates your online presence.

We provide the insights our customers need to deliver results. Searchmetrics guides SEOs and content marketers with suggestions for creating content that improves relevance and boosts conversions. It shows the connection between social media links and overall engagement. And its analytics make clear which content performs the best and how an organization’s content performs against its competitors’.

With Marcus Tober, one of the top 10 SEO minds in the world, leading Searchmetrics’ product development, we have over 100,000 users worldwide, many of whom are respected brands such as T-Mobile, eBay and Siemens. They all depend on Searchmetrics and our 12 years of product innovation to maximize their online performance.

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