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Searchmetrics Announces Verdane Capital Becomes Key Shareholder


  • Verdane Capital acquires shares of Neuhaus Partners
  • Business development in 2016 continues to be very positive
  • Product innovation based on deep-learning technology

Berlin, October 5, 2016Searchmetrics today announced Verdane Capital has become a principal investor in the world’s largest search and content optimization provider, replacing longtime partner and investor Neuhaus Partners.

“With Verdane Capital, we are bringing a new partner onboard who fits perfectly into our content and growth story, and who will help guide our growth,’’ said Volker Smid, Searchmetrics’ chief executive officer. “We wish especially to thank Neuhaus partners for its participation in our growth over the last six years.”

Volker Smid, Searchmetrics' chief executive officer
Volker Smid, Searchmetrics' chief executive officer

Verdane private equity funds invest in companies with strong growth potential that are active in the consumer internet, software, energy and other advanced industrial sectors. Since 2003, Verdane funds have closed nearly 30 portfolio transactions and completed a number of single-company investment in particularly promising companies. Through these, more than 300 holdings have been acquired. Across the six established Verdane funds committed, capital stands at 900 million euros. Terms of its investment in privately-held Searchmetrics were not disclosed.

"We are very pleased to be supporting Searchmetrics’ growth and innovation stories," says Emanuel Johnsson, Investment Professional at Verdane Capital. "The technology, strategy and vision of the company convinced us that Searchmetrics will deliver innovative solutions that address fundamental challenges of the digital economy in the age of the machine learning."

Searchmetrics continues to see strong momentum through 2016. Sales in the core software business rose by 45 percent in the first half, compared to the same period last year. In September, the company introduced the Searchmetrics Content Experience, a new product driven by a deep learning engine that will guide agile content development and continue the company’s leadership role in the search and content market.

About Searchmetrics
Changing search technology has forced SEO platform providers to up their game. These changes have created an entirely new search paradigm − search and content optimization. And since search engines have put a fence around a lot of their data, SEO platforms need to bring their own rich data to the party − and powerful tools to analyze it.

There’s only one search platform that owns its data: Searchmetrics, the world’s #1 SEO and content performance platform. We don’t rely on data from third parties. Our historical database spans nine years and contains over 250 billion pieces of information, such as keyword rankings, search terms, social links and backlinks. It includes global, mobile and local data covering organic and paid search, as well as social media. We have the largest global reach of any SEO platform, crawling the Web every day in more than 130 countries.

Searchmetrics monitors and reveals the full business available to you online. We provide our customers with a competitive advantage and help them identify new business opportunities by exposing the content consumers are engaging with on industry and competitors’ sites. Our Visibility Score − trusted by reputable media sources such as The New York Times, Bloomberg and The Guardian − reliably indicates your online presence.

We provide the insights our customers need to deliver results. Searchmetrics guides SEOs and content marketers with suggestions for creating content that improves relevance and boosts conversions. It shows the connection between social media links and overall engagement. And its analytics make clear which content performs the best and how an organization’s content performs against its competitors.

With Marcus Tober, one of the top 10 SEO minds in the world, leading Searchmetrics’ product development, we have over 100,000 users worldwide, many of whom are respected brands such as T-Mobile, eBay, Siemens and Symantec. They depend on Searchmetrics and our 12 years of product innovation to maximize their online performance.

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About Verdane Capital
Verdane private equity funds invest in companies with strong growth potential, active in the consumer internet, software, energy and advanced industrial sectors. What sets Verdane funds apart is the flexibility to buy either a complete portfolio, parts of a portfolio or a single shareholding amongst a group of unlisted assets. This helps owners of these assets to get liquidity flexibly and quickly. Since 2003, Verdane funds have closed nearly 30 portfolio transactions and completed a number of single company investments. Through these, more than 300 holdings have been acquired. Verdane Capital Advisors is the exclusive investment advisor to Verdane funds and the investment advisory firm’s roots date back to 1985. Verdane Capital Advisors has 23 employees, working from offices located in Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki.

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