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Secured by Semafone
Secured by Semafone

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Semafone launches trustmark for telephone payments

“Secured by Semafone” to boost customer confidence in card data security

Surrey, 02 October 2013 – Semafone today announced that it has launched a new trustmark, Secured by Semafone, to be used by all customers and partners which implement Semafone’s patented payment method.

Secured by Semafone
Secured by Semafone

The trustmark will provide a guarantee of security for customers who are paying for goods or services over the phone. Two of Semafone’s partners have already adopted the Secured by Semafone trustmark. Ultra Communications, a specialist contact centre technology company, and Automated Transaction Services (ATS) will both be including the mark in their own offerings. 

Semafone allows customers to enter card details directly through their telephone keypads, removing the risks of speaking the numbers out loud. The company’s patented payment method ensures that all the keys emit the same tone, making it impossible to identify the numbers by their sound. This means that only service agents using a Secured by Semafone payment method can continue to speak to their customers throughout the payment process.

Robert Bates, chairman of Ultra, commented on the new trustmark. “Ultra’s technical specialists independently concluded that the technique of concealing keypad tones was by far the most elegant solution to remove the contact centre from the scope of PCI-DSS compliance. The Secured by Semafone trustmark means that we are able to provide our clients with a strong guarantee that our product is fully in line with Semafone’s patent.”

John Greenwood, CEO of Automated Transaction Services, added, “We are proud to confirm that all of our future UK deployments of DTMF Control solutions will hold the Secured by Semafone trustmark irrespective of the technology platform we implement. ATS has recently secured a five year contract to help de-scope PCI-DSS across all contact centres for one of the UK’s leading non-food retailers. The DTMF Control element of that overall solution will be Secured by Semafone.

Tim Critchley, chief executive of Semafone, commented, “With card fraud still continuing to skyrocket, no organisation should be asking its customers to speak their card details out loud on the telephone.  Too many contact centres have put their trust into the flawed method of stopping and starting call recordings in order to become PCI DSS compliant. This approach is unreliable, affects the integrity of the call recording and guarantees neither security nor compliance. The only payment methods which can reassure customers on all counts are Secured by Semafone.” 

To read more about the Secured by Semafone trustmark and Semafone’s Shhh! campaign, please visit: 

About Automated Transaction Services Limited
ATS provides a range of technology deployment services to help consumer brands match their overall compliance and contact centre technology refresh strategies to reduce cost and risk. ATS’s solutions remove the need for the caller to speak their card details and ensure that no card data is passed to the client’s contact centre environment.

About Ultra Communications
Ultra provides advisor assisted PCI solutions as well as a fully automated IVR solution that can also transfer calls to an advisor if the customer wishes.

Ultra’s advisor assisted solutions allow advisors to collect customer payment information without ever seeing or hearing the card details. However, they are able to remain on the phone and assist customers throughout the payment process, minimising confusion and the chance of customers ending calls before their transactions are complete. The tones generated by the phone are then collected, bypassing the recording and advisor into the PCI application and payment gateway. All calls can be recorded as normal to ensure that, if applicable, FSA regulations are met.

Ultra PCI solutions are deployed by a wide range of companies and charities in the UK.

About Semafone
Founded in 2009, Semafone is fast being recognised as the global leader in secure voice transactions. The company provides an innovative solution which takes contact centres out of scope of PCI DSS regulations for telephone payments.

  • How it works
    Semafone allows the call – and the call recording – to continue as normal while the customer enters their credit card information using the telephone keypad.  Card data is sent directly to the bank, avoiding the need for contact centre agents to hear or see card details.  Semafone’s clients include the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Aviva Canada, BetFair, The Cartridge People, Family Investments, Embassy of the United States of America, Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS), The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), Markel, Nemo Personal Finance, The Post Office, Quadrant, Response, Registration Transfers, Sky, Swift Advances, TalkTalk, TVG, Yorkshire Water.

    Semafone is working with a number of industry leading partners to extend its solution further into the global market.

  • Funding and accolades
    Semafone received a £1.9m investment from Octopus Ventures in 2010 and a further £1.5m, primarily from existing investors, in 2012. The company received the European Call Centre Award for the most innovative product in 2010 and the Emerging Technology award in the 2012 METAwards, organised by the Merchant Risk Council (MRC). In November 2012 Semafone was selected by Real Business magazine as one of the Wonga Future 50, “the bold, disruptive new generation of entrepreneurial businesses.”

  • Patent
    In June 2012 Semafone secured UK patent #GB2473376.  The patent covers a number of aspects related to the use of dual tone multi-frequency signalling (DTMF) to capture payment card data from a call centre customer during a live phone call and pass it to a payment system.  Semafone is now actively pursuing US patents.

Further information about Semafone is available at  

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