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ShieldIO Developer Shield™ is Powered by Oracle Cloud and Now Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace


ShieldIO, a leading provider of Real-Time Homomorphic Encryption™ for today’s data-centric applications and a Gold level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), announced today that its Developer Shield™ solution has achieved Powered by Oracle Cloud status and is now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, offering added value to Oracle Cloud customers.

Developer Shield™ is an innovative solution that allows developers and testers to access and use real data while sensitive data remains encrypted at rest, in-transit and in-use. ShieldIO has delivered its cyber resilience solution built on ShieldIO Secure Autonomous Drivers™ to enable secure testing, development and analysis of full or partial data sets within Oracle Database running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

ShieldIO ensures that data throughout its lifecycle of use, development and testing, is kept secure, yet easy to use. This removes one of the biggest barriers to cloud adoption: access to sensitive data used by developers and testers in the cloud.

The Oracle Cloud Marketplace is a one-stop shop for Oracle customers seeking trusted business applications and service providers offering unique business solutions, including those that extend Oracle Cloud Applications. Oracle Cloud is the industry’s broadest and most complete public cloud, delivering enterprise-grade services at every level of the cloud technology stack including software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

“Developers and testers using Oracle Database must have access to data for the application development process to work,” said Simon Bain, Founder and CTO at ShieldIO. “They can develop against real data or create false data that approximates real data. The surge of data compliance and regulation has moved real data out of reach of developers. False data can be expensive to create and maintain and can produce skewed results. ShieldIO has addressed this issue by building our solution on ShieldIO Secure Autonomous Drivers™, with an AES 256 encryption process without a KeyStore, eliminating back-door hack attacks.”

“ShieldIO’s participation in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace further extends our commitment to the Oracle community and enables customers to easily realize the benefits of Developer Shield™. We look forward to leveraging the power of the Oracle Cloud to help us achieve our business goals,” added Bain.

“Oracle Cloud ISV growth is accelerated by partners like ShieldIO who adopt Oracle Cloud and Oracle Database for their development, deployment and GTM,” said David Hicks, vice president, Worldwide ISV Cloud Business Development, Oracle. ShieldIO is designed to enable organizations to remove one of the biggest obstacles to cloud adoption – access to sensitive and regulated data used by developers and testers in the cloud.

“We are delighted that ShieldIO has been selected to deliver two Hands-on Lab sessions at Oracle Code One for attendees on the subject of ‘Testing on Oracle Autonomous Database with Homomorphic Encryption, Using NetBeans and Java’, on 9/17 and 9/19,” added Hicks.

Developer Shield™ enables organizations to minimize the risk of data loss, stay ahead of data changes, face minimal implementation and operational costs, and meet the increasing challenges of regulation driven by CCPA, NYCRR500 and GDPR.

Powered by Oracle Cloud status recognizes OPN member solutions that have been tested or verified to run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This achievement offers customers confidence that the partner's application is supported by the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure SLA, enabling full access and control over their cloud infrastructure services as well as consistent performance.

The Oracle Cloud Marketplace offers an intuitive user interface to browse and search for available applications and services, as well as user ratings and reviews to help customers determine the best business solutions for their organization. With its new automated application installation features, customers can easily deploy provider business applications from a centralized cloud interface.

Visit ShieldIO at Oracle Open World in OCI-P5 Moscone South Level 1. Join us in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Experience on Monday, Sept 16 1:15-1:35 in the OCI Theater in Moscone South to hear our CTO speak about Cyber Resilience for Today’s Data in Oracle Cloud. For a Hands on experience join our CTO and VP of Engineering in one of our Oracle Code Labs Testing on Oracle Autonomous Database with Homomorphic Encryption, Using NetBeans and Java, either on Sept 17 12:30-2:30 or Sept 19 9:00-11:00 Moscone West - Room 3024C.

About ShieldIO
ShieldIO was established in 2018 and is based in Reno, NV with offices in San Jose, CA and Atlanta, GA. Among data security companies, ShieldIO defies legacy industry conventions compelling people to think in a Data-Centric and Data-First method. By pairing our partners and customers with our elegantly simple and innovative solutions we will forever change expectations of what’s possible from a data security company.

About Oracle PartnerNetwork
Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) is Oracle's partner program that provides partners with a differentiated advantage to develop, sell and implement Oracle solutions. OPN offers resources to train and support specialized knowledge of Oracle’s products and solutions and has evolved to recognize Oracle’s growing product portfolio, partner base and business opportunity. Key to the latest enhancements to OPN is the ability for partners to be recognized and rewarded for their investment in Oracle Cloud. Partners engaging with Oracle will be able to differentiate their Oracle Cloud expertise and success with customers through the OPN Cloud program – an innovative program that complements existing OPN program levels with tiers of recognition and progressive benefits for partners working with Oracle Cloud. To find out more visit: .

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