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Spectral Edge unveils Phusion: new image fusion product suite to enhance smartphone camera capabilities


Enables manufacturers to differentiate through instant, embedded photo enhancement technology delivering more detailed and natural images

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain and Cambridge, UK. 28 February 2017. To help smartphone manufacturers meet the photographic needs of ever-more demanding consumers, image fusion technology leader Spectral Edge, ( today announced the Phusion for Photography product suite, incorporating cutting edge image fusion technology designed for integration into smartphone image processing.

Spectral Edge Phusion
Spectral Edge Phusion

This Phusion product suite makes it possible to dynamically merge multiple versions of digital photos together to create a more detailed but also a more pleasing and natural looking image. The outcome is better quality photos preferred by most viewers, without requiring expensive commercial image enhancement software that requires significant processing power.

Photo and camera quality are becoming vital factors in consumer handset choice, which is why smartphone manufacturers have increasingly invested in imaging technology. Spectral Edge’s Phusion product suite seamlessly integrates with existing imaging pipelines, without requiring consumers to download additional apps, helping manufacturers deliver noticeably superior standard photos to end users.

“With smartphones increasingly the camera of choice for consumers, manufacturers are focusing heavily on delivering the best possible imaging technology to their customers,” said Rhodri Thomas, CEO, Spectral Edge. “Our easy-to-integrate Phusion product suite dynamically transforms the images that their phones create, without requiring additional editing software or download to a PC. Our first product, Phusion Clarity, delivers instant, beautiful images, that consumers consistently rank higher than unprocessed alternatives.”

Built on years of academic research backed by visual preference trials, Spectral Edge aims to improve the viewing experience of images, videos and TV content by delivering the perfect picture for each individual viewer. This is done with patented image fusion technology which can combine visible and invisible information in real-time on consumer devices, such as smartphones, to enhance detail, provide visual assistance, and create ever more beautiful pictures.

The first three products based on Phusion will be previewed this week at Mobile World Congress:

  • Phusion Clarity, available in Q2 this year, dynamically changes the colour tones/contrasts on smartphones to create a final image with enhanced detail, while retaining a natural look.
  • Phusion Highlight & Shadow Recovery (HR) merges RAW and JPG versions of an image to restore lost details, without needing editing software. This is planned for release in Q3 2017, and will be previewed at MWC.
  • Phusion Near Infra-Red (NIR) uses the images provided by NIR sensors on next generation smartphones to take high quality photos in low light conditions or through smoke, fog and mist. This proof of concept is a must-see for any smartphone makers looking at introducing NIR sensors into their hardware.

A full gallery showing the benefits of the Phusion product suite can be viewed here:

As well as the Phusion product suite, Spectral Edge recently launched its existing video personalisation products on the Android platform. This makes its assistive Eyeteq (colour blindness) and Nighteq (evening viewing) solutions available to carriers and OEMs deploying Android-based products such as tablets, smartphones, and set top boxes.


About Spectral Edge
Spectral Edge Ltd. aims to improve the viewing experience of images, videos and TV content by delivering the perfect picture for each individual viewer. The company’s Phusion technology enhances images and video by using information outside the normal visible spectrum or applying transformations to that within it. Applications range from smartphone computational photography, augmented reality, security and enhancing TV pictures to improve content accessibility. It was spun out of the Colour Group of the School of Computing Sciences at the University of East Anglia (United Kingdom) in March 2014, and received £1.5 million funding in 2016. It operates from offices in Cambridge, UK.

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