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Press Release Launches First Pay-As-You-Use Reactive Cloud

Links offers usage-only billing to simplify cost-effective scaling cloud server infrastructure with reactive Linux container technology

London, 28th July, a new simple, container-based cloud infrastructure service with usage-based billing, was launched today. As the only pure-play pay-as-you-use solution in the market, will be targeted at Linux developers, agencies, and SMEs looking for low-cost, auto-scaling compute infrastructure.

“We have been listening to the market and what we are hearing is that people are craving simplicity,” comments Richard Davies, founder of “They just want to be able to sign up to a service without having to choose instance sizes or worry about over-paying, just as you would with your gas or electricity. While some customers need greater support and configuration, many don’t, and we wanted to provide a service for users that are looking for a more simplistic offering. For example, having to configure the environment so that it can automatically scale; this is a skill that many SMEs may not have in-house. is very clear and easy to navigate, and best of all it automatically scales and bills users based on their actual usage – so it really does the thinking for you.” builds upon ElasticHosts’ next generation auto-scaling container technology, which allows customers to elastically expand capacity as needed, without the need for added software or configuration. Traditionally, cloud servers have been paid for according to the levels of capacity provisioned; if you run a 4GB server, then you pay for a 4GB server, regardless of whether that capacity is being used. Yet the container technology used by enables a new model of operation, with billing to be based on actual usage, rather than provisioned capacity. For example, you might just pay for 1GB when a 4GB server is lightly used. These containers boot up in 2 seconds and offer bare metal performance without the overhead of virtualisation. uses namespaces and cgroups, the same Linux kernel containerisation technologies as Docker or LXC, backed by high I/O SSD storage throughout. As a result, can allow auto-scaling, high performance Linux containers at a fraction of the cost of traditional virtualization-based cloud servers.

“While the technology is complex, the service is remarkably simple,” Davies concludes, “Businesses need a whole new service that strips away any complications, which is what offers. This is the next step in the evolution towards a completely utility based offering, which is what cloud has always promised to be, but until now has often failed to achieve. We believe this is how all cloud infrastructure will look in years to come and are proud to be leading the charge.”

The new service is available immediately. To find out more please visit:


For more information, please contact:
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