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Suffolk County Council to hold Mobile Weejot app 'hack day' for local developers


Leicester, UK - June 19th 2012 Suffolk County Council is holding an open ‘hack day’ for mobile app developers, to encourage innovation and participation in developing mobile web technology.

Suffolk Council recently subscribed to the ‘Weejot’ mobile app publishing service from Jadu, using the Government’s G-Cloud Cloudstore.

The Weejot Software as a Service (SaaS) solution enables both technical and non-technical users to create and publish apps in real-time, without the need for approval through App Stores or downloading to the user’s device.

Developers can use their knowledge of JavaScript and HTML to create ‘AppTemplates’ which can then be used by non-technical users to publish apps to mobile devices in real-time.

“With Weejot we have a platform that makes it easy to develop apps for both technical and non-technical users. We really want to make this an inclusive learning experience for local developers as well as any interested people in the Government web developer community,” says Mark Adams-Wright, Chief Information Officer for Suffolk County Council. “We think the innovation for this technology comes as much, if not more, from developers and customers alike, as it does from an internal organisation. That’s why we want to include everyone in developing this exciting technology.”

“There are many more developers who understand web standards and web scripting languages, as well as lower level programming languages,” says Suraj Kika, CEO of Jadu. “For Weejot, developers only need to know JavaScript and HTML. That means that we have an order of magnitude more developers who can write for the Weejot platform and our customers, like Suffolk County Council, will have huge choice.”

The team behind Weejot have recently launched a developer website dedicated to developers at As a developer, you can sign up for the service (which is by invitation) without charge and begin developing applications.

“The future of Government service delivery and of the web itself is on devices,” says Adams-Wright. “We need to invest in skills if the UK is to become one of the best in the World at delivering mobile web technology. Hack Days like this are a great opportunity to enable that to happen.”

The Hack Day will be held on Saturday 30th June 2012 at Suffolk County Council’s offices in The Atrium at Endeavour House on Russell Road, Ipswich. Interested parties can sign-up for the event free of charge at, however spaces are limited to 50 people. Refreshments will be available at the venue.

Jadu will be showcasing the Weejot Mobile app publishing network at Civil Service Live on the 3rd - 5th of July, London Olympia followed by SOCITM Building the Perfect Council Website event at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham on July 12th 2012.



Event information and sign up:   

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About Suffolk County Council
Suffolk County Council is the largest local authority in the county and is responsible for Suffolk-wide services including: schools and community education, the fire service, trading standards, road maintenance and improvements, support for older people and adults with disabilities, support for vulnerable children (including fostering and adoption), support for local businesses, support for public transport (subsidising rural buses, community transport schemes and park and ride sites); waste disposal and registrars.

Suffolk has a population of around 719,500 (ONS 2010) and is one of three counties which make up East Anglia alongside Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.  The county town of Ipswich is around 70 miles from London and there are regular trains to the capital. Suffolk has no motorways: the A12 and A14 provide access both to London and the north of the country and are major transportation routes for goods routed through Felixstowe port.

About Jadu
Jadu is a leading global provider of Web Experience Management software, specialising in CMS, Forms, Search and Mobile for enterprise websites, intranets and extranets. Jadu powers hundreds of government and private sector organisations across the world and is a leading innovator in providing customers with the tools needed to simplify and empower the web publishing and management process. Jadu's underpinning semantic-web strategy is "to make content accessible to humans and machines". This is delivered by Jadu’s innovative transactional solutions that enable customers to organise, manage and publish their information across the enterprise. Jadu empowers organisations and users to generate a maximum return on their investment (ROI) in web and mobile technologies.

Innovation is a key driver in the groundbreaking functionality delivered by Jadu solutions which include - mobile web app delivery, integrated online forms, mash up page design, integrated Google search, personalisation, full statistical reporting, web standards compliance, accessibility compliance, product and catalogue management, along with a host of other web productivity tools and unparalleled support service. Jadu MarketPlace enables users of the Jadu platform to access and implement new functionality and integrations much more easily through web widgets (apps), re-usable mobile apps, web parts and forms.

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