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TV debates: Clegg and Farage will have to work hardest to win trust


Psychometric profile reveals expected performance of major party candidates  

London, UK, 27 March 2015: Clegg and Farage are likely to come across as the least trustworthy in the upcoming TV debates, according to a psychometric and qualitative profiling study from Praditus, the online self-assessment platform. Data revealed that Cameron is likely to come across as too aggressive, with Miliband being one of the most honest, but unable to think on his feet.

Praditus analysed the personality and expected performance of seven candidates, finding that in the highly competitive, live televised environment, individuals are likely to display characteristics previously unseen.

Each candidate’s performance was analysed using the Praditus Motivation Archetypes Model, with the 7 party leader’s data fed in to a sophisticated online algorithm. Communication strategies of each candidate were analysed using data from personal discourses collected throughout the Election campaign.

The full results revealed:

David Cameron (Conservative) - The Challenger

  • Will do well by frontally challenging his opponents, driven by his belief of being a strong and capable leader
  • However, his drive to win may be seen as aggressive and off putting to audiences when challenged by other candidates

Ed Miliband (Labour) – The Peacemaker 

  • Will struggle to maintain his audience, due to a difficulty to think on his feet during the live TV debate
  • Strong tactic will likely be focusing on the needs of ‘ordinary people’, which may win him supporters

Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats) – The Diplomat 

  • Most likely to bend the truth and manipulate others to win votes 
  • Can appear as an eccentric, however will come across as one of the most persuasive and diplomatic

Nigel Farage (UKIP) – The Average Joe

  • Will be on inconsistent on policy issues due to his desire for acceptance, belonging and recognition amongst audiences 
  • Will present himself as a ‘straightforward’ guy with strong beliefs and will draw on popular analogies to engage audiences

Yohan Ruso, CEO at Praditus said: “The platform looks at the reasons behind the decisions we all make every day, using psychometric principles to assess any individual’s ability to respond to certain situations. Applying this to the biggest event of 2015 allows us to assess Britain’s prospective leaders on a scientific basis for the first time”.

Andres Davila, Research Director continues “With just a few weeks to go until the first TV debate, the data allows us to assess each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in all manner of political scenarios, including the upcoming election debates.”

Take the full test at the Praditus website.

About Praditus
Praditus is one of the leading international career development platforms, founded in 2014 by Yohan Ruso, previously Managing Director of eBay France. The platform raised 1.3 million Euros in start-up funding from the venture capital fund Quadrivium-1, managed by Seventure Partners. The web-based platform helps individuals identify their talents and areas of development, through a series of tests, based on the latest psychometric profiling data and scientific analysis. Headquartered in France, Praditus currently operates worldwide with staff in Paris and New York.

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