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Teclo Networks Unveils Most Comprehensive TCP Data Optimization Product


New, cutting-edge Teclo TCP data optimization upgrades for flagship product: Sambal. Smarter. Faster. Better.

Zurich, Switzerland & Mobile World Congress, Barcelona – February 25, 2014: Teclo Networks, the leader in TCP data optimization, today announced that their innovative Layer 3 and 4 solution, Sambal, has undergone a multitude of major upgrades within the first quarter of 2014.

Teclo Networks has hit the ground running with an impressive array of improvements for its TCP optimization solution, Sambal 4.0. Already utilized by major providers including VivaCell MTS, each new feature promises to do one thing: equip mobile operators with a newer, superior and more comprehensive tool for providing the fastest network speeds in their market.

TCP Buffer Management: Some radio networks have unnecessarily long and variable TCP round-trip times, even when ping times are short.  These delays are caused by data building up in the buffers and queues in the radio network.  Delays in TCP travel times make the network seem unresponsive, which is frustrating for users.  Sambal enables operators to set a goal round-trip time and makes the network stick to it. With Sambal, users think the network is faster and more responsive.

Web Object Compression: Some sites serve resources like HTML, Javascript and text files uncompressed. Sambal compresses these at line speed with GZIP, so no data is lost. That compression saves network resources and gets the data to the user faster, without losing anything of the original.

Image Compression: Images comprise a large and growing proportion of network traffic, often over 20% of all traffic. Compressing those images to save radio network resources and get data to the users faster can be a good choice. Sambal enables operators to choose whether or not to compress images, and how much to compress them, for different customer groups and for different kinds of traffic. Sambal uses in-stream compression to compress the image packet-by-packet, rather than downloading it as a whole before compressing. The result: faster compression with very little hardware, power and administration needed.

Network Quality Reporting: Measuring end-user network performance can prove to be problematic for mobile providers. Since almost all data transferred uses TCP, and Sambal controls the TCP flow, Sambal has a unique window on end user performance. Teclo identified that performance data needs to be easily found, stored, and analyzed to show mobile providers areas in need of improvement, as well as fuelling improved investment decisions. Now mobile operators can identify and repair granular service maladies before they become a major inconvenience for the end-user.

Web Browsing Acceleration: Browsing the Internet on mobile devices is often unnecessarily slow, even on LTE networks. Teclo has found a way to accelerate data sessions. Sambal adapts pages to allow browsers to open more sockets and download more in parallel from the server. This creates a high quality user experience, without the need for additional network resources. 

Some of the featured enhancements to Sambal include new reporting facilities and improved TCP data optimization. The upgrade incorporates various optional features such as compression for various content types and web acceleration. With these and other advances on the way, Teclo Networks has established itself as the pivotal TCP data optimization company to watch in 2014.

“Time is money and speed matters,” added Jane Walerud, CEO of Teclo Networks. “Subscribers detest slow Internet speeds. That's why a growing number of tier 1 and 2 operators are deploying Sambal. It’s small, mighty and cost-effective. Sambal integrates seamlessly with any mobile network and only needs a 1U rack mounted server to deploy and boost Internet speeds by as much as 60%. Our expert team can deploy it in under two weeks -that's an unbeatable combination for mobile operators who want to stay one step ahead of the competition.”


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About Teclo Networks
Teclo Networks accelerates data networks by 10-60%. Its patent-pending TCP Data Optimization system is small but mighty. It fits on a single 1U industry-standard rack server and can be installed in less than two weeks. Teclo’s customers are in great company. Its flagship product, Sambal, is live in some of the most forward-thinking tier 1, 2 and 3 service providers globally. Teclo is experienced. Its management team has decades of experience at mobile operators and OEMs including T-Mobile, Telia and Ericsson. And Teclo is here to stay. It is a profitable, self-funded and “customer-funded” company.

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