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Tessian launches Human Layer Security Intelligence to give businesses greater visibility into employees’ cybersecurity behaviors


11 June 2020 - San Francisco. Human layer security company Tessian announces the launch of its new solution Human Layer Security (HLS) Intelligence, to provide businesses with deeper insights into human layer security threats and the tools required to trend down the risk of accidental data loss, data exfiltration and advanced impersonation phishing attacks. Tessian HLS Intelligence enables security teams to rapidly investigate and remediate incidents that are automatically detected by the Tessian Human Layer Security Platform. It also helps businesses improve employees’ security behaviors.

With Tessian HLS Intelligence, security teams can use curated threat trends to readily view their high risk threats and employees, and make informed security event prioritization decisions. Security teams can analyze threat trends specific to their organization, including the top inbound email attacks and employees that frequently exfiltrate data out of the business. They can see how these risks change overtime and benchmark their risk levels against industry peers. With greater visibility into their riskiest and most at-risk employees, businesses can consequently tailor security training and policies to influence and improve staff’s cybersecurity behaviors.

One particular use case of Tessian HLS Intelligence enables security teams to prevent data loss when an employee is leaving an organization. A recent Tessian report on data loss prevention revealed that over a third (34%) of employees take data with them when they leave a company. With greater visibility into data exfiltration incidents, security teams can likely predict an employee exit and block that individual from sending company data to their personal email accounts. Security teams can also configure Tessian warnings to automatically remind employees of company security policies when an incident or error occurs.

Tessian HLS Intelligence removes the manual burden of scanning security events logs to spot incidents that could compromise a company’s security posture. Security admins can easily review all security threats detected and prevented by Tessian, along with the signals that led to Tessian classifying an email as a security threat. The API integration also allows Security Operations Center teams to centralize and triage security events in their preferred SIEM/SOAR systems.

Ed Bishop, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Tessian said, “Threat intelligence has traditionally been associated with external malicious actors — an “outside-in” perspective. However, people within the organization pose just as much of a risk to data and systems, either by acting maliciously or as a result of simple human error. To prevent today’s most important email security threats, security solutions must understand human behavior. We built Tessian HLS Intelligence to broaden the threat intelligence landscape, allowing IT teams to now have full visibility and insight into internal actors and the risks specific to their organization.”

You can find more information about the solution here:

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About Tessian
Tessian builds technology to empower people to work safely, without security getting in their way. Tessian’s Human Layer Security platform automatically protects employees on email - where they spend 40% of their time - from risks like data exfiltration, accidental data loss and phishing. The company has raised $60m from security investors like Sequoia and Accel and has offices in San Francisco and London.

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