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The Good Exchange Celebrates Enabling £4.7m To Be Distributed To Good Causes In Its First 12 Months


Not-for-profit drives 67 percent increase in public donations in first year

London, 5th September 2017 – Not-for-profit, The Good Exchange, has today announced its one year anniversary and that during its first 12 months, it has facilitated the dispersion of £4.7 million to good causes using its funder-fundraiser matching cloud platform*.

The company is committed to driving transparency by enabling organisations with money for good causes to identify those charitable projects which meet their giving criteria. From a charity perspective, they are able to receive multiple grants from one application form, manage fundraising events and public donations in one place. To date, users of the platform transact an average of 208 donations per month, with the average donation amounting to £721.

In its first year the organisation has achieved impressive growth, using its innovative cloud-based platform to attract funding for 353 projects. Projects range in size; for example, £370 was raised to replace tools by the Newbury and Thatcham Green Gym, while £5 million is being raised to build the Ark Cancer Charity Treatment Centre in North Hampshire. The types of giving also vary and in the last year £900,000 has come from charitable grants, a further £1.6 million from grants which match fund donations and fundraising events and £2 million from public donations, all managed through the platform.

Keith Simms, Scout Group executive fundraiser and cub / scout leader from 1st Compton Scouts in Berkshire said; “The Good Exchange platform enabled us to raise the money we needed to replace the flooring in our headquarters with robust, easy to clean carpet tiles in less than one month, ensuring the continuation of Beaver, Cub, Scout, Explorer, Brownie and Guide meetings for young people in and around Compton.”

Mark Jones, director of fundraising and communications, Ark Cancer Charity Treatment Centre in Hampshire said, “The ability to source donations from a number of places, while managing more sophisticated donation schemes such as ‘match donation’, is what has been most impressive about The Good Exchange. We’ve already raised nearly £1.5 million of our £5 million target and – just like our Ark Cycling Team – we’re still going strong!”

Peter Goulden, trustee, The Peter Baker Foundation in West Berkshire said, “The Good Exchange has transformed the way we fund charitable projects. We awarded £125,000 of match funding through the platform which was matched by community donors and fundraisers in just 12 weeks. It has been so successful we have agreed to give another £50,000 in this way.”

Ed Gairdner, COO of The Good Exchange said, “We’re delighted to have seen such a positive response to The Good Exchange cloud platform and we’re truly proud that it has generated so much money for good causes. Significant cuts to government funding have meant tighter budgets than ever, which is why it’s essential that we apply our technical maturity to generate efficiencies in a sector that needs it the most. The Good Exchange’s one-step, on-line matching service for funders and fundraisers that automatically links organisations with money for good causes with those who need it most has been designed exactly for this purpose.”

*At its inception The Good Exchange had funders such as The Greenham Trust on board with funds to give; the growth statistics take this money into account

About The Good Exchange
The Good Exchange is a transformational not-for-profit cloud platform specifically designed to match those organisations and individuals who have money to give to good causes with those who need it most; on a local, regional and national basis. As the only platform to bring together grant-making, donations, charitable projects and fundraising in one place, the automated matching system with its simple single on-line application form will revolutionise charitable giving, making it more accessible, transparent and collaborative. For the first time, those seeking to raise money for local good causes will be able to access all sources of funding including charitable trusts, corporate givers, fundraisers and public through a single process.

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