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Press Release

The Real Asset Company – A secure, simple and efficient way to invest in gold, silver and other real assets


The Real Asset Company offers a secure and efficient way to invest in gold, silver, other precious metals, diamonds and fine wine.

The Real Asset Company provides a live and transparent marketplace, with an easy to use next generation portfolio management platform. Our customers fund their account via bank transfer and can then purchase as little as 1g of bullion, 1 point of a diamond and fractions of a case of wine.

Based on prices as of 03.10.2011, investors can participate with a minimum investment of £35, meaning that for the first time, consumers have a simple and secure way of accessing gold, silver, precious metal and other commodity underlying assets.

Professionally verified assets are allocated to our customers, who take direct ownership of their investment at the point of sale. Client assets are stored with industry leading storage partners and customers can verify their holdings 24/7. Complete transparency is required by today’s understandably more cautious and critical investor. The Real Asset Company is easier to use, more transparent and efficient than investors in real assets have previously been used to.

The Real Asset Company was founded by Ralph Hazell, the CEO, in 2010 as a response to his concerns about increased risk in the financial system and widespread currency debasement. With 12 years of experience in the markets, and like other independent traders who had looked deep into the workings of the financial system, Ralph had concerns with what he saw.

Ralph comments that:

Having seen the risks in the financial system manifest themselves a number of times, putting peoples’ saving at risk, and seeing a lack of trust in traditional investment products, we started The Real Asset Company to offer individuals a new service we felt investors were looking for.”

About The Real Asset Co
The Real Asset Company was launched by experienced financial professionals to provide investors with a secure and efficient way to invest in physical tangible assets. Assets are verified by independent experts, are held with first class independent storage partners, and are verified through a transparent audit system. Customers directly own and have 100% control of their assets. By facilitating the exchange of ownership of physical assets The Real Asset Company is not regulated by the FSA, but by the usual three pillars of English Law:

  • The investigating authority is the Metropolitan Police Force.

  • The prosecuting authority is the UK Crown Prosecution Service which assesses evidence provided by the investigating authority.

  • The Criminal Courts of the UK hear the case of the prosecuting authority.

The Real Asset Company does not provide investment advice