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Thunderhead Partners With Merkle | DBG to Accelerate Customer Engagement


The two companies join forces to bring richer long-lasting customer relationships with Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub

London, United Kingdom - 03 April 2017Thunderhead, the leader in enterprise technology for customer engagement, today announces its partnership with Merkle | DBG, an agency specialising in leveraging data and technology to help their clients drive growth and improve performance.

Merkle | DBG logo
Merkle | DBG logo

Thunderhead’s ONE is a cloud-based customer engagement platform that surfaces unique journey-based behavioural insights that are then used to deliver relevant and personalised experiences in real-time. It enables brands to connect omni-channel customer behaviour, building deeper and more personal relationships with prospective and current customers.

Merkle | DBG work with some of the world’s largest brands, using data to drive compelling connections across channels and devices to create better experiences. Businesses today need a 360 degree view of each customer across multiple brands and the ability to connect in-store and online relationships with digital experiences, throughout each customer’s individual journey. Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub makes this vision a reality driving conversation-led engagement and building stronger and more valuable relationships with customers. Thunderhead is working with customers across industries including Automotive, Travel, Banking, Retail and Sports to deliver insight and a rich understanding of each customer journey.

Richard Lees, SVP Europe Solutions at Merkle | DBG, commented, “Our partnership with customer engagement experts Thunderhead is extremely exciting. The ONE Engagement Hub is a revolutionary technology that allows forward-thinking clients to understand their customers in real-time throughout the relationship with their brands. The technology is light-touch, working with systems already in place to create insight that delivers benefits and value fast.”

Glen Manchester, CEO and founder at Thunderhead said, “We are in a period of rapid innovation and Merkle | DBG is at the frontline, working with transformational businesses on customer engagement to give them a leading edge. While ONE is a powerful technology, we designed it to be simple to use so that brands can focus on executing their customer engagement strategy at speed. I’m looking forward to working with Merkle | DBG and their clients.”

About Merkle | DBG
Merkle | DBG is a data and tech company. As part of the Merkle Group we provide data-driven, technology-enabled performance marketing solutions on a global scale. And everything we do supports growth. By using data to make what we call ‘compelling connections’ across technology, channels, devices – or you and your customers – we are able to create better experiences.

About Thunderhead
Customers don’t talk to you just because they like you, they talk to you because they need something; they need it now and on the platform that suits them.

At Thunderhead we join up web, mobile, high street and contact centre customer experiences, connecting them with your existing CRM system giving you a multi-dimensional view of your customers.

Our intuitive ONE Engagement Hub allows you to act on the right customer need at the right time. For the first time, customer relationships can be effectively managed at scale.

Now you can interact with customers as individuals. Effortless engagement just got personal.

Thunderhead | Effortless Engagement. Happier Customers.

Thunderhead helps brands and consumers live in harmony. Unlock the potential of effortless engagement and happier customers with Thunderhead.

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