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'Time to get ahead of the returns game' says B-Stock


‘It’s time to start thinking seriously about the return value in consumer electronics’.

That’s the message from returns and overstock specialists B-Stock as the annual flurry of video games released for Autumn and Christmas takes place.

Headphone B-Stock image
Headphone B-Stock image

Ben Whitaker, Director EMEA at B-Stock, suggests that looking into the value of such products could well be a way to invigorate retailers, both those based in traditional brick and mortar stores and those using eCommerce platforms.

Whitaker said: “A stark fact revealed recently by the Retail Gazette suggests returned goods are costing retailers in the UK $77.8 billion (£60 billion) per year.

“In Europe, the story is much the same, compared to just an 8% rate of returns for goods to high street stores, eCommerce platforms can expect a concerning 25-40%.”

Titles with huge sales year on year such as the FIFA games on multiple platforms still sell in relatively large amounts in physical copies and returns on this and other titles remain relatively high.

A total of 23.7 million physical video games were sold in the UK during 2017, the latest data from GfK reveals, meaning the potential for recouping that return rate remains high.

Whitaker adds: “As returns increase, so too does the industry’s need to adapt, protect itself and strategize to overcome this challenge. Margin compression at the front end of retail and eCommerce also means fighting for a finite number of customers and both platforms seeking other ways to innovate. Returns could well be the answer to that gap.”

With more than 20% of consumer electronics purchases returned on a regular basis, retailers must look at this sooner, rather than later. Video games and consoles in particular are in high demand, almost as much as high value Apple products.

Whitaker continued: “What is key to remember here is the fact that the lifespan of some of these products are short initially, but there is added value in the reselling market.

“Video games such as the FIFA series as well as potential game of the year titles such as the recently-released PS4 exclusive Spiderman game generate high pricing both in-store and online, but also offer excellent rates of return to sell on.

“Seasonal, one-off releases like FIFA and other sport franchises are often released in new forms each year but will hold their value for around 6 months. Other popular titles can remain high-value in used condition for many years after.”

B-Stock has suggested that it isn’t just games that have this kind of potential, but the associated technology that also offers lucrative reselling opportunities. Accessories such as earbuds, cases and batteries boast some of the highest return rates and therefore make up a large percentage of products in the overstock and liquidated market.

Whitaker added: “Retailers need to know that trade buyers who purchase this kind of stock want large quantities of inventory sorted by condition. That means that even if returns aren’t in the most perfect condition, there is still a vast number of buyers out there who demand this kind of product.

“We see this kind of demand even more when it comes to mobile phones, the iPhone X, despite being released almost a year ago, is still reaching more than 60% of its value in resales. That kind of value simply cannot be ignored.”


About B-Stock
B-Stock offers the world’s leading auction platform for returned, excess, and other liquidation inventory. Our platform sets up an online auction dynamic where retailers and manufacturers can sell directly to a diverse base of approved business buyers; this drives greater demand, higher pricing and a faster sales cycle, while maintaining the control you need. By applying our auction strategy and data, the world’s largest retailers, along with hundreds of other businesses, are attaining the highest pricing possible for secondary-market merchandise across all categories, conditions, and quantities. To become a part of the world’s largest network of liquidation marketplaces, please visit: