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TmaxSoft launches its JEUS offering in UK


First web application server in the world to be J2EE 1.4 (JEUS 5), JAVA EE 5 (JEUS 6), and JAVA EE 6 (JEUS 7) certified now available to UK developers

JEUS, a web application server (WAS) and platform that can develop and service applications in the web environment, has been launched in the UK by TmaxSoft, a specialist in middleware and enterprise IT infrastructure.

The high stability and differentiating features of JEUS have enabled it to rapidly grow and take the lead in the web application server (WAS) space in its domestic market of South Korea. It is anticipated that its ability to handle large volumes of transactions and support a robust cloud environment, combined with added performance enhancements and advanced features, will see the same level of interest from IT and network managers here in the UK.

As a global market and technology leader for Java application development that has achieved significant success in South Korea, JEUS has gained 2,400 customers and a 42.1 percent share of the market with its ability to manage a variety of enterprise system functions such as transaction control, session management, and distributed session clustering.

First released in 2000, the high stability and differentiating features of JEUS have enabled it to develop to its 7th version and it now fully supports Java EE specifications.

Meeting the growing demands of the web application server industry, JEUS 7 has the capability to handle high volumes of data, with performance enhancements and advanced features, including In-Memory JSP Compilation to reduce the initial JSP period and JEUS Hot Swap, a function to dramatically improve development productivity, both unique features to the solution.

Joe Kim, Managing Director of TmaxSoft UK, commented: “JEUS is a viable and highly functional web application server that has been recognised globally for its innovative technology and marketability. This solution demonstrates TmaxSoft’s position as a technical leader in Java application development and demonstrates its clear ability to outperform the competition,”

“JEUS is the first web application server in the world to be J2EE 1.4 (JEUS 5), JAVA EE 5 (JEUS 6), and JAVA EE 6 (JEUS 7) certified. JEUS became a global market and technology leader, and domestically has achieved the largest market share in its native Korea. Its hierarchical structure maximises flexibility and extensibility, and enables the effective and easy use of business logic.

Kim concludes: “With the advancement of WAS in the rapidly changing world, JEUS has the capability of high-performance transaction processing that is adaptable to the developing cloud computing environment. The advantage that JEUS is able to provide to customers enables its potential to be a key market leader.”



About TmaxSoft
TmaxSoft was founded in 1997 and, with its domestically developed enterprise software solutions, now competes with the global software powerhouses that used to dominate the Korean software market.

Since 2003, TmaxSoft has been the market leader in the Korean WAS (web application server) market surpassing global software companies such as IBM and Oracle. With the successful introduction of multiple solutions such as JEUS (a web application server), TIBERO RDBMS (a database management solution), ProFrame (an application framework), and OpenFrame (a mainframe re-hosting solution), TmaxSoft has grown to be the only Korean supplier of total enterprise solutions. Based on the high level of technical expertise acquired through 17 years of continuous R&D activity and combined with our distinctive customer-oriented technical support, TmaxSoft purposefully strives to become a global software force, using its innovation-driven technology.

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