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TmaxSoft targets specialist financial services partners


South Korean middleware giant looks to specialist partners to break Oracle’s hold on financial services market

TmaxSoft, a specialist in middleware and enterprise IT infrastructure, is recruiting partners that specialise in the financial services market. The South Korean company is continuing to expand its network in the UK and across Europe having first officially entered the market at the beginning of 2014.

Founded in 1997, TmaxSoft’s portfolio is made up of a number of mission-critical enterprise software solutions including OpenFrame, a high-performance and highly scalable Mainframe re-hosting solution and JEUS, a web application server for Java EE. However it is its TIBERO relational database management system product that has gained the most traction, especially with those looking for a viable alternative to Oracle.

Like many sectors, companies in the financial services vertical have been reliant on Oracle for managing the vast amount of data they hold. This dominance has meant that the channel has been restricted with what they can sell and the margins they can make, as well as increasingly difficult customer management thanks to the inflexibility of much of Oracle’s licensing structure, as Joe Kim, UK Managing Director at TmaxSoft explains:

“The very nature of the financial services sector means that much of the data companies hold is hugely sensitive and high in volume. There has, up until now, been a perception that there is nothing else out there, other than Oracle, that can deal with such data volumes and so IT departments have continued to hand over money and hope that they do not find themselves in an ‘under licensed’ situation.

“The opportunity for the channel to make good margins and keep customers happy is therefore restricted. We have already proved in other markets that we are a viable competitor to Oracle and can provide better pricing models and margins for our partners to really make money from selling our products. It also differentiates them from competitors by giving them a product that can compete and is compatible with Oracle databases.

“We know that there is a major opportunity in the financial sector to make a real difference to end users and our partners. We are looking for specialist partners to help us make an impact in a really important market for us. It is certainly a case of quality over quantity here. We want to make sure that we have right partners in place that really know their market to help release the hold Oracle has over the financial services sector.”


Notes to editors

About TmaxSoft – a global provider of agile and robust system software solutions
TmaxSoft was founded in 1997 and, with its domestically developed enterprise software solutions, now competes with the global software powerhouses that used to dominate the Korean software market.

Since 2003, TmaxSoft has been the market leader in the Korean WAS (web application server) market surpassing global software companies such as IBM and Oracle.  With the successful introduction of multiple solutions such as JEUS (a web application server), TIBERO RDBMS (a database management solution), ProFrame (an application framework), and OpenFrame (a mainframe re-hosting solution), TmaxSoft has grown to be the only Korean supplier of total enterprise solutions. Based on the high level of technical expertise acquired through 17 years of continuous R&D activity and combined with our distinctive customer-oriented technical support, TmaxSoft purposefully strives to become a global software force, using its innovation-driven technology.

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