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TmaxSoft's database management system makes waves in the UK market


Market leader software Tibero is highly compatible with Oracle, but at a fraction of the cost

A new and innovative database management system that supports large scale enterprise systems is now available in the UK. It is a database designed, from its inception, to facilitate efficient and flexible integration of data and business logic, as well as providing various database management utilities.

Tibero RDBMS, from TmaxSoft, meets these needs perfectly by supporting the database infrastructure, a foundation for corporate businesses, providing both high performance and reliability. Tibero enables economical use of system resources to provide excellent performance.

Shared-disk based cluster architecture allows the database service to run reliably as well as an easy-to-use development environment and management tools. With market leading Oracle compatibility, the time to change existing applications is minimized.

Tibero competes with Silicon Valley technology giants and currently holds a significant and rapidly growing share in the company's native South Korean market.

Joe Kim, UK Managing Director of TmaxSoft, comments: "Tibero is one of the most rapidly evolving database management systems, which has been developed to be a cheaper, viable alternative to other software systems provided by tech giants such as Oracle. As it's based on being highly compatibility with Oracle, the time migrating applications is kept to an absolute minimum, and existing database personal can be reused in a new Tibero environment.

First developed in 2003, it was designed to cater for large-scale enterprise environments. Through efficient resource utilisation, Tibero ensures optimal performance even when processing large data loads. Tibero active clustering technology can be highly scaled out to support increasing workloads and user numbers. By applying shared disk based clustering technology, it provides seamless and reliable services with various tools that enhance the productivity for new solutions development and system operations.

Kim concludes: "Not only does Tibero's core technology enable high productivity and operate with stability during peak levels of demand, based on a time scale of five years, users can enjoy cost savings of up to 60 per cent compared to other existing commercial DBMSs in the market. With our innovative technology, we are beginning to make a big impact in the UK market and we're excited about the prospects of the future."

Key features include:

  • Ensures operational stability in situations, such as software or hardware failures, DBA mistakes, and limited resources
    • Reliably handles dramatically increased volumes of client requests through the efficient use of resources.
    • Ensures business continuity with Tibero Active Cluster (TAC).
    • Supports a variety of backup and recovery functions, and robust database security.
  • Ensures Optimal performance for handling different types of database workloads
    • Minimises lock impacts, and prevents delays in transaction processing with multi-version concurrency control.
    • Efficiently processes large volumes of data by supporting parallel processing techniques in database query processing.
    • Supports various partitioning methods as standard.
    • Maximises performance with efficient query processing and a highly scalable architecture.
  • Increases operational efficiency and development productivity
    • Comes with a full range of GUI tools and utilities for convenient database development, operation, and management.
    • Various tools are provided with Tibero RDBMS to support automated migration methods from a non-Tibero DBMS to Tibero, automating data extraction, accumulation, and migration.
    • Easy migration path from Oracle for your applications due to little to no changes required for application syntax other than connection string configuration in many examples.
    • Familiar toolset to Oracle encourages benefits staff unlike other ‘Oracle compatible' databases that have a totally different look and feel.



About TmaxSoft - a global provider of agile and robust system software solutions
TmaxSoft was founded in 1997 and, with its domestically developed enterprise software solutions, now competes with the global software powerhouses that used to dominate the Korean software market.

Since 2003, TmaxSoft has been the market leader in the Korean WAS (web application server) market surpassing global software companies such as IBM and Oracle.  With the successful introduction of multiple solutions such as JEUS (a web application server), TIBERO RDBMS (a database management solution), ProFrame (an application framework), and OpenFrame (a mainframe re-hosting solution), TmaxSoft has grown to be the only Korean supplier of total enterprise solutions. Based on the high level of technical expertise acquired through 17 years of continuous R&D activity and combined with our distinctive customer-oriented technical support, TmaxSoft purposefully strives to become a global software force, using its innovation-driven technology. 

Press contacts:
David Hourihan
T: 020 7388 9988