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Tryzens and What’sMySize sign exclusive partnership to help clothing retailers slash customer return rates

- Reducing operating costs through accurate sizing at point of sale -

eCommerce experts and service provider Tryzens has entered into an exclusive partnership with personalised size guide provider What’sMySize. The move means Tryzens will be responsible for managing and supporting the product and systems behind What’sMySize’s innovative solution. Tryzens will offer the sizing guide solution to the market at large and more specifically for their eCommerce customers, as a built-in extra to their Acceleration Service for Demandware, Hybris and Magento platforms.

Shoppers use the What’sMySize function located on the product pages of a retailer’s website, to input their measurements. Thereafter, they are provided with the right clothing and/or shoe sizes for that retailer. With a variance of 1-2 inches between clothing brands, consumers are often surprised by discrepancies in sizing. Whilst they may be a size 10 with one retailer, they could be an 8 or a 12 with another, theoretically similar brand. What’sMySize helps online consumers significantly reduce their need to order multiple sizes and return products by ensuring the right size is purchased every time. This in turn, has beneficial implications for retailers looking to reduce their operational costs.

“With a return rate for online retail fashion and apparel purchases ranging between 20% to 50%, retailers are losing money when they don’t need to” says Kavita Kapoor, CEO, What’sMySize. “There’s unnecessary expense in the end to end experience from direct delivery costs through to stock management and wastage. Just by checking your measurements on a consumer can see that their recommended clothing size can vary significantly between brands. In partnering with Tryzens we are able to enhance the online experience; building consumer confidence that they’re buying the right size, which in turn increases loyalty and trust in a Brand.”

Tryzens is supporting the What’sMySize product roadmap for new and existing clients, by including the sizing function as an additional extra to their popular Acceleration Service. This will allow Tryzens to provide their clients with the tools to reduce their returns from the outset. What’sMySize’s easy to use integration function allows each retailer to install the What’sMySize service directly onto their website.

“What’sMySize is a really innovative platform for the eCommerce retail fashion/apparel market and we are proud to be in an exclusive partnership with this great team,” says Andy Burton, CEO, Tryzens. “We passionately believe in delivering business outcomes for our clients and not just being a traditional SI. As such, it is important that everything we do either helps our clients reduce operating costs or increase their sales, and ideally both! With the financial, operational and customer experience ‘costs’ associated with a high rate of return, there is plenty of opportunity to help our clients set the benchmark for Generation Consumer’s customer experience, and this partnership will directly address a key industry and consumer issue. We can now integrate this service into our existing eCommerce portfolio and assist our customers in achieving a direct improvement in their operating costs and margins.”

What’sMySize has already been proven to decrease retailer return rates. During a recent study of a UK high street retailer, returns were reduced by 25% over a period of 70 days, when the What’sMySize technology was implemented.


About Tryzens
Since 2004, Tryzens has been trusted by retail’s biggest names as an independent expert to plan, implement and maintain eCommerce systems and to optimise retail performance through systems & services.

Tryzens enables its clients to leverage efficient, effective and reliable retail solutions that carry the promise of a positive and unified experience that in turn delights their customers, builds loyalty and drives growth.

From concept to outcome, Tryzens offer a range of services to support our clients throughout their multi-channel development, whether starting in-store or online.

About What’sMySize
What’sMySize is a fitting room in your sitting room. Translating your measurements into the correct clothing size for all your favourite brands. No more confusing multi brand size charts, just a single What’sMySize profile that works across multiple retailers. We pride ourselves on being the easiest sizing solution for retailers to implement and with our proven success at reducing size related return rates we delight retailers and consumers alike.

What’sMySize was created by ex technologists as a side project. The clever tech they crafted won the prestigious Innovate UK Award (previously known as the Digital Britain Technology Strategy Board).

What’sMySize has been actively resizing Britain since 2013 when it was officially incorporated. Led by co-founders Kavita Kapoor and Tammy Learn the technology continues to work with fashion labels from around the world to take the mystery out of online sizing.

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