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Tynton Group Limited and Gawah Holdings Inc Announce a Strategic Alliance to Foster Collaboration and Innovation


New agreement between Tynton Group and Gawah Holdings marks the next step in the delivery of digital economy solutions across the Middle East and Africa

London – 15 June 2020 // Tynton Group Limited, the digital economy experts, has today announced that it has formed a Strategic Alliance with Gawah Holdings Inc, a deeply entrenched and well diversified GCC based conglomerate with multiple interests across multiple industries, to collaborate in the promotion and delivery of Tynton’s digital ecosystem across the Middle East and Africa.

Over the past twenty years Tynton’s founder and CEO, Jeffrey Thomas, has been responsible for the creation and growth of World leading digital infrastructure solutions including Ark Data Centres, UKCloud and MyLife Digital. The Tynton ecosystem is leading the digital transformation of UK government and public sector delivering solutions that enable over five hundred organisations provide innovative new services whilst achieving maximum value-for-money for both government and citizens.

The new Strategic Alliance anticipates the formation of an Innovation Hub in the GCC region, access to Tynton’s IP and the support to the Tynton network of government, private sector and academic partners. Aimed at the creation and delivery of next generation products and services Tynton is committed to an enduring partnership with value creation for the region at the centre of its activities.

Jeffrey Thomas, CEO Tynton Group, commented, “We are truly excited to be working with Gawah Holdings at this important time in the evolution of the digital society. The extraordinary conditions brought about by Covid-19 have arrested societies progress and thrown up many challenges. In the last three months we have seen online activity accelerate exponentially and the emergent digital economy provides many of the answers to the challenges and should underpin our response to Covid-19. Our portfolio of companies is perfectly positioned and aligned to the Covid-19 response as we enable society to build resilience and capacity in a trusted and secure manner.”

Jeffrey Thomas went on to say “The next 12 to 24 months represents a period of strong growth and we are looking to leverage this both in the UK and across new markets. We intend to expand into the Middle East, Africa and Asia from our new base in the GCC region. Our friends and colleagues at Gawah Holdings have demonstrated their expertise and excellent connections and we are proud to be associated with one of the region’s leading teams.”

Suhail Al Ansari, Deputy Vice Chairman & Co Founder, Gawah Holdings, Inc. said "It is truly an honour to be receiving Tynton Group and everything this great organization stands for into the Middle East. I believe the World faces a wave of change and as a region we are best equipped to surf the evolution of time into the digital age. This has been evidenced in the past and more so in recent times which have been some of toughest the World has seen and come together as one in".

Suhail Al Ansari also said "As a group, with interests ranging from the old & new worlds, from finance to healthcare, we believe that the industrial revolution of the future has arrived and we are committed to delivering it to you as a digitally wrapped present."

Tynton Group, known for creating and promoting digital infrastructure and applications that enhance the lives of millions, has been increasing its investment to create new products and services that will have a positive impact for the next generation. Gawah Holdings, with its track record in the financial management, investment and partnerships, is well-positioned to bring extensive knowledge of the geography to the alliance.


About Tynton Group
Tynton is an innovation, funding and venturing platform focussed on the application of technology to transform society. Tynton has established an ecosystem of enterprises that deliver secure, sovereign solutions for the UK public sector; through the engagement of citizens and the trusted collection, management and analysis of data. Our aim is to improve society through better economic and environmental outcomes. We initiate, invest and scale sovereign solutions that demonstrate best practice in governance, security and privacy to deliver the building blocks of a trusted digital economy.

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