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UK online sales of GANT chino jump by 150 per cent in just one year


Lifestyle clothing brand GANT has seen a 150 per cent increase in online sales of chinos in the UK in just one year, topping an impressive 12 months for the men’s garment, during which popularity soared.

Nationally, chinos are by far brought most by English men[1] (91 per cent), followed by those in Scotland (7 per cent), Wales (1 per cent) and Northern Ireland (1 per cent).

Regionally, men in Southampton and Leeds are the biggest chino fans in the UK (17 per cent), with Cambridge coming in second (16 per cent), followed by those in Reading (14 per cent). Men in Birmingham (8 per cent) and Glasgow (6 per cent) are the least likely to purchase the lightweight trousers.

Coloured chinos are now a firm favourite with red, blue and purple chinos all in the top five national Google searches every month relating to hue of the trousers.

Comfortable, versatile and hardwearing, but most importantly, fashionable,  have become one of the must-have items for stylish men across the globe, almost 165 years since they were first invented.

‘Chinos are now a staple wardrobe piece, and are most definitely here to stay’, said Moira Shannon, Head of Product & Brand Training at GANT, ‘The classic GANT chino in a regular fit is a bestseller and offered throughout the seasons.’

The history of chinos dates back to mid-1800s India. A British Army officer stationed in Mardan on the Peshawar border, saw that his troops needed a uniform more suited for the region. He dyed his cotton pyjama trousers with a plant extract to produce a lighter-weight outfit that was not only more appropriate to the climate but blended in with the colours of the surrounding terrain. The local Hindi or Urdu word for this dusty colour was “khaki” – a term that soon became synonymous with the new uniform.

The camouflage qualities of the khaki garments made them widely popular with both British and other military forces. In 1902 khaki pants were adopted as an official US Army uniform. The Americans called them chinos.

During World War II, chinos became so popular with American soldiers that many continued to wear them on their return home. Casual yet smart, the comfortable khaki pants were perfect for both work and leisure. Through the G.I. Bill, which enabled returning soldiers to get an education, chinos soon found their way into the colleges and became an essential part of the increasingly popular Ivy League style. Marty and Elliot Gant, who returned safely from active duty in the war, were quick to see what was happening and took their ideas straight to the factory, and the GANT chino was born.[2]

Now, the GANT chinos range consists of 28 different colours - the more adventurous male can pick not only from traditional sand and khaki colours, but also a rainbow of more daring hues including red, green, aubergine and even pink.

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