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UNICOM demystifies Agile with co-located events aimed at public sector, finance and Programme and Project Management


On 26th February 2015 at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London

UNICOM is holding a dedicated series of interconnected conferences on Agile methodologies and its application to the project management arena.  The one-day co-located events designed to educate those working in the public sector, the finance sector and those involved with Agile Programme and Project Management.

The carefully selected speakers will explore Agile development methods, provide insight on the realities of applying these practices to real-world environments, and offer practical advice for implementing them. The seminars will also clarify on how to improve existing Agile strategies for those already using the methodology, and examine the potential difficulties procurement contracts can bring.

Featuring presentations providing insights and practical experience from both Agile specialists and speakers including consultants, end users and professionals with the sector, the conference will be invaluable to anyone working in Agile methodology.

Professor Gautam Mitra, founder of UNICOM, said: “The agenda we have lined up for the conferences is set to provide clear and useful guidance for all attendees – for end-users either looking to initially implement these practices, or those looking to improve upon their existing Agile strategies.

“Although many organisations may already be using Agile methods, the majority have only been exposed to the practice on small projects, meaning that understanding of how the method works on a large scale and how to overcome its potential pitfalls is not always clear.
“Organisations initially applying Agile practices often face challenges in transitioning from traditional methods, with the most significant cause of failed Agile projects being insufficient training. It is our aim to ensure that end users implementing Agile feel confident in doing so and are able to reap the benefits. Just like other methodologies, Agile is a prescribed methodology and education is fundamental to its success in the public sector.

“The ‘Agile in the Public Sector’, ‘ Agile Methods in the Finance Sector’ and ‘Agile Programme and Project Management’ conferences co-located on 26th February will explore how Agile can help organisations to complete software projects faster, fit more in line with the wider organisation, and to improve their development teams’ overall productivity. The speakers will present practical advice and real-world tips from their work with Agile practices, to ensure that attendees are well-positioned to leverage best practices into their work in the public sector,” Professor Mitra concluded.

Sponsors include HP, Value Glide, Sogeti, VERSINONE, and epam. For more details on sponsors, see here:



About UNICOM Seminars
Established in 1984, UNICOM is an events and training company specialising in the areas of business, IT and Quantitative Finance.  The company’s products include conferences, public and in-house training courses (including certified training) and networking events.
UNICOM serves two groups of customers (1) ‘end-user’ organisations from then private and public sectors who want to learn about new trends and best practices, gain knowledge, skills, qualifications and new strategies and (2) product vendors and consultants who want to meet prospective customers and achieve visibility in specific areas of business.

By understanding the clients’ needs, keeping them informed and updated, and acting as a convenient “one-stop information shop”, UNICOM strives to create quality information products and offer a high standard of service.

UNICOM’s events take place in UK, mainland Europe and Asia. The company also has an office in Bangalore, India (

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