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Understanding the true impact of SQL Server deployments


Cambridge UK, Monday 11 September – Redgate Software has released a new version of SQL Toolbelt, its portfolio of database development software, that lets developers and administrators see immediately if database deployments have caused any adverse effects.

It addresses a long standing issue that, when database deployments are made, it is vital to monitor their impact in case they lead to SQL Server problems. In many busy organizations, however, it may not be immediately obvious that a deployment has been made, or that the deployment is the cause of resultant issues that arise.

Now, when a deployment is made using one of the deployment tools in the SQL Toolbelt (DLM Automation, ReadyRoll, or SQL Compare), Redgate’s SQL Monitor records and marks the deployment and puts it in context with other performance metrics such as CPU, Memory, Waits and Disk I/O. So if unusual behavior is suddenly experienced after a deployment, the Database Administrator (DBA) team will know exactly when to start their investigation.

“When a performance issue occurs, time is of the essence,” says Mark Champion, Redgate Product Marketing Manager. “Looking at SQL Server metrics alone may lead a DBA down several different paths in order to diagnose the root cause of a problem. This can take time. Having information that, for example, a deployment was made at 9:01am, and immediately afterwards the CPU went through the roof, can drastically cut down the diagnosis time and help resolve issues quicker.”

It is not only DBAs who will benefit from this information. Developers will also be able to see at a glance the real impact of their code changes, whether positive or negative. This integration between Redgate’s deployment tools and SQL Monitor is a key piece of the database DevOps approach that companies and organizations are now starting to embrace.

Increasing the speed and frequency of database deployments has been a major driver in the adoption of database DevOps practices. With reliable and scalable processes in place, the risk of introducing defects into production is significantly reduced. However, changes may not always behave as expected in the Production environment.

Mark Champion concludes, “Making this connection between performance issues and deployments will help Development and Operations teams work together more effectively and enable them to add more value to the business.”

Redgate’s deployment tools and SQL Monitor are part of the SQL Toolbelt, a set of industry-standard products designed to assist anyone working with SQL Server.

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Redgate makes ingeniously simple software used by 804,745 IT professionals, and counting, and is the leading Microsoft SQL Server tools vendor. Redgate's philosophy is to design highly usable, reliable tools which elegantly solve the problems developers and DBAs face every day, and help them to adopt database DevOps. As a result, more than 100,000 companies use products in the Redgate SQL Toolbelt, including 91% of those in the Fortune 100.

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