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Usurv survey says majority of UK adults think it is possible they have eaten horse meat


63% of respondents think it is possible that they have eaten horse meat

41% of respondents will visit fast food restaurants less often as a result of the horse meat scandal

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Usurv Logo

As the horsemeat scandal continues to worsen, Usurv asked 1,000* people in the UK about their attitudes to packaged meat, fast food restaurants and whether they may have inadvertently eaten horse meat already.

A massive 63% believe it is possible that they have eaten horse meat.  “In a country where many people think this is abhorrent this is clearly going to impact peoples’ behaviour” said Guy Potter Director of Usurv.  “Trust has been eroded in so many aspects of life; MP’s, Journalists and Bankers, now it seems even food can’t be trusted”.

The survey revealed that Burgers are likely to suffer the greatest impact, with 35% of people claiming they will eat less of them.  The Great British sausage is likely also to suffer with one in five in the UK likely to shun them in their fry up.

Those under 30 are the least likely to have their shopping habits changed.  Two thirds (66%) claim their “purchasing habits will not change”, this compared to 54% of the over 40’s.

Though there has not been any suggestion that horse meat has got into the fast food chain, it looks like they will not be immune to the fallout either.  Over four out of ten claim they will visit fast food restaurants less.  “The impact of this scandal is far reaching and it looks like even those who have always served 100% beef are not going to escape the impact”.  Potter went on to say.

This scandal is dissimilar to other recent scandals in that it affects a huge proportion of UK consumers who are likely to vote with their wallets.  There will be winners and losers, but it is safe to say anyone who sells or uses processed meat will now be considering their PR options.

* 1,000 UK adults aged 18+ were interviewed on 13th February 2013 by online polling firm Usurv

Full results available here.

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About Usurv
Usurv is an internet company which has developed a self-service online survey platform that delivers the fastest, most cost effective method of running short online surveys.  Initially available in the UK, it has opened up the market for this kind of quantitative research by making it accessible to small businesses for the first time, as well as providing a more efficient, faster solution to traditionally heavy users of research such as major brands, marketers and PRs. 

The company’s key differentiators include its easy-to-use, real time approach to asking survey questions across a network of affiliate partner sites and its high survey completion rate (around 30 percent).  These factors enable Usurv to deliver meaningful results in close to real time (as little as one hour for 1000 responses) at a fraction of the price of traditional offerings, without sacrificing quality.

Unlike existing online research, such as omnibus surveys, Usurv offers a flexible, easy-to-use service in which individual questionnaires of up to five questions can be created and scheduled to run immediately or at a specific time in the future.

The company was established in the UK in January 2012 by a team that includes successful online entrepreneur, Martin Bysh, and experienced market research director, Guy Potter. It is based in London and is privately held.