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Volentix offers next step in the development of digital assets


February 20, 2019: Volentix is finalising its comprehensive digital asset ecosystem (DAE), an open-source, decentralised suite of trading, analysis and community tools. The firm wants to make it easier for a wider range of investors to investigate, trade and store their digital assets efficiently and transparently.

The Volentix DAE is comprised of five components:

  1. VDex: decentralised exchange for peer-to-peer trading of digital assets
  2. Verto: secure, downloadable digital wallet that integrates with a variety of assets
  3. Vespucci: user-friendly interface for tracking and understanding digital assets
  4. Venue: incentives for participation, bug fixing and VDex enhancements
  5. VTX: native digital currency for storing and exchanging value

The Volentix DAE gives the community full control in a secure, anonymous environment. Peer-to-peer trades are executed through a decentralised exchange, with trust built into the system and the need for third-parties minimised.

“The VDex DAE brings together a decentralised digital asset exchange with a secure, multi-currency, cross-blockchain peer-to-peer wallet. We also offer a user-friendly market-ratings analytical interface, and an incentives-based recruitment program,” says Rhys Parry, CTO at Volentix. “Our approach will simplify and reduce the price of trading between digital assets, offering a single place to research, place and settle trades. Our decentralised structure means we have relatively few overheads, meaning that we can keep our transaction costs low. We will also simultaneously enhance anonymity and transparency while helping ensure appropriate regulatory compliance that will build confidence in the sector.”

Notes to Editors:

If you would like to talk to any of their experts on blockchain, crypto-assets, open-source development or any aspect of the current trading markets or technology sector, please get in touch with Clara Florey at, +44 7943 774236 or Andi Lustak at

About Volentix
Volentix (VLabs) was founded in 2017 with the intention of delivering innovation in the distributed ledger technology space. It is focused on building and developing DApps and training the next generation of DApp developers. Its Volentix digital asset ecosystem (DAE) brings together a multi-currency wallet (Verto), a decentralised digital asset exchange (VDex), an analytics engine (Vespucci), a dynamic community platform (Venue) and a crypto-currency (VTX) that facilities transactions and activities within the DAE.