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Weaver Labs to support humanitarian agencies across the globe as part of European Space Agency's €747,000 investment into Track & Trust


  • Weaver Labs joins Track & Trust consortium to demonstrate and commercialise space-linked tracking across the supply chain
  • Investment represents part of €1.5 million project to establish network that allows for end-to-end tracking and delivery of goods, aid and shipments

London, UK: 18th October 2021: Weaver Labs, the UK startup driving growth through connectivity, will work in collaboration with OroraTech as part of a Track & Trust consortium led by Datarella to tackle complex supply chain challenges that humanitarian agencies across the world face.

The innovation, developed by the consortium, will ultimately allow agencies to track aid in locations that lack access to reliable communications infrastructure in a two-year project consisting of development and commercial trials.

Supply chain challenges
Supply chain challenges

Weaver Labs will be the open telecommunications partner in the Track & Trust project, which aims to deliver a scalable, cost-efficient communications platform & network combining satellite, IoT mesh and blockchain components, serving mostly supply chain use cases. The end solution will be a modular product that will provide a plug and play communication network that allows for end-to-end tracking of the supply chain. This will start from the initial supply of goods/aid and extend all the way to the last-mile shipments, even when limited or no telecommunication infrastructure is available.

After the initial success of a Kickstarter project, the consortium has expanded this target market to meet the needs of other sectors where goods require end-to-end tracking, servicing the AgriFood Supply Chain, Dynamic Supply Chain Insurance, Industry 4.0, and Smart Cities V2X sectors.

Maria Lema, Co-Founder at Weaver Labs commented: “We are thrilled to expand our work with the European Space Agency and play a vital role in the Track and Trust project with our product Cell-Stack. At a time when global supply chains are in crisis, this will bring innovation to where it is needed most, ensuring connectivity and for goods to be tracked in a trusted way.”

To enable traceability of shipments without being dependent on damaged or unreliable telecommunication infrastructure, the project leverages Weaver Labs’ Cell-Stack and its novel messaging system (lite-WireMQ), which is capable of extending many telecommunications systems. The already developed WireMQ asynchronous messaging system will be extended to support IoT and satellite to ensure the mesh network can seamlessly transmit messages across the two technologies, something already demonstrated in a proof of concept as part of the Kickstarter project.

Backed by ESA Business Applications and Space Solutions Program, Track & Trust integrates an efficient IoT protocol for transmitting geolocation, custodian transactions and GNSS metadata to a globally distributed ledger via satellite uplink. Cost reductions of an order of magnitude have been observed in similar projects and are projected here as well.

Yukitaka Nezu, Co-Founder and CFO at Datarella, added: “Track and Trust is a unique opportunity to combine Blockchain with SatCom and telecom technology to expand the range of supply chain monitoring capabilities. With Weaver Labs and OroraTech as our consortium partners and with the technical and financial support by ESA, we have a strong setup to make a success story out of Track and Trust.”


About Weaver Labs
At Weaver Labs, we are creating an open and shared marketplace of connectivity assets, with an extensive focus on security, to accelerate innovation by enabling connectivity. Our innovative software layer called Cell-Stack aggregates and digitises all the necessary assets to build Networks and access connectivity on-demand.

Weaver Labs believes that an open marketplace of connectivity assets can truly democratise access to reliable networks and stimulate innovative applications, making networks accessible to new industries and citizens that require reliable connectivity. Through prioritising security in a diverse supply chain and building trust with an open infrastructure model, we believe that these are the fundamental foundations needed to foster innovation and thus, create a positive impact on society. More about Weaver Labs:

About Datarella
Datarella is an established provider of Industrial Blockchain Solutions, founded in 2013 and based in Munich. Datarella offers a full range of consulting, development and implementation services for complex Blockchain solutions. Their clients come from a variety of sectors: aid, real estate, insurance, automotive, manufacturing, finance, and politics. Key customers include the United Nations/WFP/UNW, UK Department for International Development (“DFID”), Siemens and Bosch. It runs Baltic Data Science Sp. z o. o., a 100% subsidiary in Gdansk, Poland. More about Datarella:

About OroraTech
OroraTech is a NewSpace start-up headquartered in Munich, Germany, providing a global satellite-based wildfire detection and monitoring service by processing data from various available satellite sources. In parallel, the company is developing its own nanosatellite constellation specialized in wildfire detection, with the first satellite launching at the end of 2021. Founded in 2018 by Thomas Grübler, Björn Stoffers, Florian Mauracher, and Rupert Amann as a spin-off from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the company has grown to an international team of 50 employees. OroraTech has been supported by research grants from the Bavarian and German government, the European Space Agency and the European Commission, and graduated accelerator programs at Google, Samsung, Plug&Play, ESA BIC, and the German Accelerator Silicon Valley. More about OroraTech:

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