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Wellbeing Company Helps People To A Healthier Life With New Advice Website


Better by Nature helps to tackle issues from Energy and Allergies to Stress, Detoxing and Weight Loss

A new source of healthcare information and support has been launched aimed at providing expert advice on natural ways to manage a range of conditions. Created by Better by Nature founders Michael Riley and Jane Fletcher, the website,, is a rich resource for anyone looking for advice and help with many of the symptoms and conditions that result from our modern environment and way of life, plus conditions that can be treated with herbal and natural remedies. The advice is supported by Better by Nature’s own, ground breaking energy based range of synergistic homeopathic remedies developed in-house, and a number of additional products personally selected to complement the in-house remedies.

The website is designed to give advice on a range of health issues, including, stress and anxiety, digestive health, heart & circulation and respiratory health, plus help with general health issues such as those around female health, male health and kids and teens. The range of advice also includes sections for energy and vitality, detoxification and for specific ailments such as skin problems, eyecare and sensory support. It also provides a ‘one-stop shop’ for both Better by Nature products, including Better by Nature homeopathic remedies and a number of hand-picked complementary products. It contains easy-to-read information such as the popular free “Your Health is your Wealth” email series which gives a valuable insight into the interaction between our bodies and the world around us.

“It has been our long-held ambition to use our knowledge and experience to help other people to achieve better health and wellbeing,” says Michael Riley, founder and CEO of Better by Nature. “We have spent many years passionately researching many aspects of complementary health and natural medicine, and this inspired us to develop our own range of products and also to create a resource where people can freely access advice. The website has been highly successful in tests and we are delighted that we are now able to make it available to the wider public.” offers its own holistic homeopathic remedies alongside Aloe Vera based products and natural supplements, and other natural complementary products and approaches that fit Better by Nature’s unique philosophy. The products can be combined in an Optimum Health Plan approach aimed at restoring physical and emotional wellbeing.

Better by Nature’s holistic remedies are based on creating super ‘intelligent water’ capturing the energy frequencies signatures and proportion of each of the ingredients of their original, very synergized, patented ’mother’ herbal remedies, combining Aloe Vera, Chinese and Western herbs, pure essential oils, spices, probiotics and nutrition. Many of today’s health issues such as fatigue, gut health issues, depression and anxiety, the relationship between yeast and the immune system fall between the cracks of mainstream medicine and diagnosis because they function holistically. Better by Nature’s approach to health is based on supporting coherent cellular communication working in harmony with your body and nature – not on treating specific one-off conditions. The immune system acts as a communication system, and by increasing the speed and efficiency of cell to cell communication the body can more easily identify and eliminate disease.

Better by Nature is the sales and marketing arm of the Riley Fletcher Foundation established in 1997 by Michael Riley and Jane Fletcher with the aim of developing effective, affordable natural remedies. The company was created to help provide advice and access to products providing the best choice for health and well-being.

Jane has over 20 years’ experience as a complementary health practitioner, qualified in aromatherapy, reflexology, Bach flower remedies, and specialist aspects of homeopathy. She has also pioneered the efficacious effects of taking essential oils internally, known as aromatology.

Michael has a strong business and commercial background, having founded and built the Riley Advertising Group through the 1970’s and 80’s. A keen sportsman with a natural interest in health, Michael developed an interest in the health properties of Aloe Vera, leading to a strong interest in natural approaches to health and wellbeing. 12 years of study and research resulted in the Foundation’s original patented synergistic herbal remedies, combining Aloe Vera, Chinese and Western herbs, spices and nutrition, and concentrated oils.

Michael Riley adds: “At Better by Nature we passionately believe that health and wellbeing is achieved by working in harmony with your body and nature, and that ill health is often the result of our modern day environment. With continual exposure to pollution, electromagnetic radiation, the side effects of medical drugs, and the level of stress in our everyday lives, it is no wonder that modern life takes its toll on our bodies.

“Nature intended for us to gain what we need from what we eat, but the pesticides, preservatives and chemicals in our food chain mean that our bodies are under attack from the inside. At the same time poor modern diets and processed foods deprive us of many of the essential nutrients needed to maintain our health and wellbeing. Many conditions and ailments are caused or aggravated by a deficiency of essential nutrients.”


About Better by Nature
Better by Nature is the marketing arm of the Riley Fletcher Foundation founded by Michael Riley and Jane Fletcher in 1997. The company ethos is based on the belief that health and well-being is achieved by working in harmony with the body and nature, while ill health is often the result of the modern environment in which we all live. Their mission statement is ‘Every child borne healthy – all over the world.’

Created by Michael Riley and Jane Fletcher, Better by Nature provides practical and effective help through the advice it publishes on the website including its free ‘Your Health is Your Wealth’ email series, complemented by a range of own brand remedies developed in house, and a number of carefully selected complementary products. Better by Nature’s own range consists of synergised homeopathic remedies that capture the energy frequencies of healing and wellbeing properties of organic Aloe Vera, Chinese and Western herbal remedies, concentrated essential oils, spices, probiotics and nutrition. For more information visit

For further information please contact Michael Riley on 07989 474470 or email