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Weyify takes the hassle out of zero waste shopping


Self-checkout refill shopping made easy.

London, September 2 2021 Zero waste and reduced plastic shopping are important goals for retailers and their customers – and now there’s a dedicated self-checkout app-based solution to make zero waste shopping as simple, fast and convenient as going to the supermarket – customers just Scan, Weigh and Pay.


As zero waste shops multiply across the UK, the Weyify app is helping convert people from plastic supermarket shoppers to zero waste shoppers.

“People are dipping their toes into zero waste,” says app creator Del Currie of Analog Republic. “They know it’s the right thing to do for the planet. But right now, zero waste shopping takes serious dedication. So we used our team’s experience to build a solution that makes zero waste shopping fast and easy for everyone.”

How does Weyify work?

  • Customers keep a pre-weighed library of containers in their app, from jars to brown paper bags
  • They scan the QR code on the product they want to buy
  • They select the container they want to fill from their library of containers
  • They place the filled container on the nearest scales and scan the QR code on the scales
  • The app automatically deducts the weight of the container from the weight on the scales and adds the difference to their cart
  • When they’ve finished shopping, they can pay in the app with card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or at the cash register.

Weyify provides everything a retailer needs from trade approved scales and a branded app, to Shopify integrations and centralised inventory. Whether a customer has purchased at POS, through the app or via an online store, the inventory is deducted and managed through one central location.

Regardless of number, size or location of shops, Weyify is suitable for zero waste refill stores, bulk food shopping, grocery or supermarket outlets.

Jordan Perata already uses Weyify at Kilo, her zero waste shop in London. She said: “This is self-checkout refill shopping made easy. It’s the kind of development that can change the landscape of zero waste shopping. The app is easy to use, customers love it, and once they have their containers loaded in the app, they keep coming back because everything is so convenient.”
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About Weyify
Weyify is a patent pending app created by Analog Republic, experts in major software projects for clients all over the world including Pearl Jam, Red Bull and Stanford University. They work on high traffic, scalable sites, apps and backend solutions that deliver a reliable user experience, as well as smaller projects for individuals and companies.