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What is the most effective type of training in PR?

PR courses that are worth investing in and tactics that engage on Twitter – just a few of the top tips offered by PRmoment this week.

Best PR training: Don’t squander your budget on courses that are a waste of time. Use in-house expertise and only call on outside help to fill specific gaps. We discuss the best and worst PR training.

Good and Bad PR: Double-beds in a cinema and a musical in a corner shop? These are the types of PR of that make our columnist Rich Leigh happy this week, while brands making jokes that aren’t funny fail to raise a smile.

Engaging Twitter tactics: Asking for a retweet on Twitter produces a 555 per cent lift over an average tweet. Secrets to Twitter success are revealed by a study into factors that influence engagement on Twitter.

Hacked Off Flack: To celebrate the end of the year, our miserable columnist Hacked Off rounds up his highs and lows of 2012. Not surprisingly, he focuses on the lows.

View from the top: Movember dominated headlines last month and James Withey, head of brand insight at media intelligence provider Precise, discusses how you can boost your brand by supporting the right cause in the right way.

Opinion: Fairer fee levels need to be set and flexible working practices must be standard if women are to realise their potential in PR, argues Angela Oakes, joint-president of Women in PR (WPR). is an online PR magazine offering an insight into the world of public relations and communications. PRmoment Jobs is a specialist jobs board, updated daily with the best agency PR jobs in the UK, and the best in-house PR jobs in the UK.