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What is the perfect PR personality?

Are you made to work in PR? Read about the types of characteristics that are common to all good PROs. And if you realise you’re not cut out for this industry, we have ideas to ensure that even after you’ve left, you will always be remembered.

Personality profiling: If you are a people person, are open to new ideas and have a nose for business, welcome to a great career in PR! We look at the personality traits you need to succeed in PR.

Good and Bad PR: There were few Halloween stunts that inspired Rich Leigh in his appraisal of the best and worst of PR last week, although he was impressed by a moustache on Big Ben.

Digital marketing research: Are PROs putting too much emphasis on digital PR? Research shows that consumers take more notice of messages that reach them using more traditional routes.

Hacked Off Flack: Do you have fantasies about packing it all in? Well, if you’re going to leave, do it in style! Here are our silly columnist Hacked Off’s suggestions for the best ways to resign in PR.

Day in the life: Ricky Vazquez, head of agency Ogilvy PR’s specialist broadcast and visual content team, describes making a panda video in London.

Opinion: Put away your preconceptions when you engage with other cultures, says Rod Cartwright, global corporate practice director at agency Ketchum Pleon. is an online PR magazine offering an insight into the world of public relations and communications. PRmoment Jobs is a specialist jobs board, updated daily with the best agency PR jobs in the UK, and the best in-house PR jobs in the UK.